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The Role Of Speech Perception Integrated In Physiological Environment (Research Paper Sample)


The Role of Speech Perception Integrated In Physiological Environment


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(June 18, 2012)
The Role of Speech Perception Integrated In Physiological Environment
In physiological environment, speech perception is defined in the following occasion. Perception in speech refers to the process in which sounds of communicated language are understood, heard, as well as interpreted. As a result, the study of speech perception is nearly connected to the study of phonology in linguistic and phonetic, and perception in psychology, as well as, cognitive psychology. Undertaking research in speech perception requires somebody to understand how people listeners recognize speech sounds and apply the data to understand the spoken language. In the other occasion, speech perception research contains some applications that involve establishing some computer systems that can sense speech. This helps in improving speech recognition for listening and impairing the listener’s language, and in foreign language teaching.
In general, speech perception contains some basics, which assists in the improving it’s working conditions. As a result, the process of perceiving speech starts at the level of the sound signal, as well as, at the time of audition, during the time of complete elaboration of the process of audition, experiencing and hearing. Immediately when the processing of the initial auditory signal is complete, speech sounds are then processed to extract phonetic data, as well as, acoustic cues (Fowler, 1995). The processed speech data can then be applied for higher level language processes, which comprises word recognition.
On the other hand, the sound speech signal involves several acoustic cues which are applied in speech perception. The cues pears speech sounds belonging to different phonetic categories. This can be well explained in a situation where some of the learned cues in the voice of speech time onset. In addition, the speech system must also combine to establish the specific speech sound categories. This is normally applied in terms of abstract representations of phonemes. At the same time, the representation can be used in word recognition, as well as other language processes. In the real essence, it is not easy to categorize what acoustic cues listeners will be active to when perceiving a certain speech sound. As a result, the solution to the situation of how people perceive a speech appears deceptively in a simple manner. In case a certain person could identify the stretches of the acoustic waveform which helps to determine the units of perception, then the meaning path from sound would be clearly known. However, mapping or correspondence has been proven extremely difficult to allocate, even after researchers has spent forty years on trying to allocate the problem.

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