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Low Income Children Psychology Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


Type of paper:
Research paper
Psychology and Education : Child Development
Format or citation style:
Special Population: Children of low income areas attending inner-city schools.
-Describe who they are.
-Prevalence to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
-Myths about the population
-How do children in low income areas typically seek help/therapy for PTSD?
-Strategies typically used:Current research
-Give resources/treatment for this population
-minimum 6 references.


Low Income Children
Institutional Affiliation
Low-Income Children
Inner- city schools have student population from different backgrounds, mostly with immigrant parents living in the poor neighborhoods. Various factors such as parent illiteracy, lack of employment, poorly paid jobs, and lack of finances among others can account for poverty among these children (Jiang et al., 2016). The children in these schools face abject poverty and most of their families are dysfunctional. Besides, they experience social problems like substance abuse, bullying, child abuse, discrimination, and violence (Baer et al., 2015). Because of their parent’s tendency to move from one place to another, the central schools face high student turnover. The poor families face racial and economic isolation. Economic segregation poses a lot of challenges to these children like poor academic performance due to limited opportunities and resources, poor nutrition, and poor health. Economic disadvantage hinders good nutrition, housing, education, and access to quality health care.

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