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The ADHD Psychology Research Paper Essay Coursework (Research Paper Sample)


4 pages on ADHD plus citied page & title page.


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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
(ADHD) is defined as the neurological mental ailment found in young children and adults. Children experiencing these problems fail to control impulsive behaviors that render them to act without thinking the repercussions. Also, they have challenges in paying attention and sometime become over active in school. It estimated that 2.5 % of adults and 8.4% of children have ADHD. It affects boys more than girls. The objective of this essay is to discuss history, causes, signs and symptoms, treatment, and diagnosis methods for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
The History of ADHD
Sir George, a British pediatric discovered ADHD in 1902 and described it as an abnormal behavior in children’s morals. In his research, Sir George found that some children had difficulties controlling their behaviors as done by typical children, yet they were intelligent. Previously, in 1775, Dr. Weikard a German doctor, described ADHD in his medical textbook as a syndrome of inattention and hyperactivity. In 1937, Dr. Charles Bradley discovered effective stimulants drugs known as Benzedrine that is used to improve the behavior of ADHD.

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