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Marriage Religion & Theology Research Paper Coursework (Research Paper Sample)


Presentation of Individual Research Paper (10 minutes). Student will select research topic and present findings to the class in cohorts, individually. Grades will be given to presenters predicated on rubric inserted in syllabus below. Presentation and written paper together are worth 100 points (50 points each. Research paper will not be accepted unless written in APA format, consists of a minimum of 7 content pages. Paper should have a title page, reference page, and proper in-text APA citations. Students will research the Bible and Ellen White’s Writings and discuss the following questions in the order listed below:
What are your presuppositions, or implicit assumptions regarding the topic?
What does the Bible say about the topic?
Apply the appropriate rule (s) of interpretation from T. Housel Jemison and research what Ellen White said about the topic?
What did you discover from the research that was most intriguing?
What was your eureka reaction, or aha moments?
What is the position of the SDA Church on the topic?


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Marriage is one of the core facets of international affairs. The marriage binding applies, as described by the position and position of a "woman," to the meaning common between husbands and wives (Dyer, 1983). Marriage is a legal concept of universality CITATION Uni90 \l 1033 (United Nations, 1990). This generally benefits an adult male and an adult female, a boyfriend, and a wife. The husband and wife's task changes from organizing and holding them up to emotional, sexual, and psychological needs across all of their life cycle. In reality, marriages between such a husband and wife focus on credibility, dependence, capacity, reciprocity, complementarity, loyalty, kindness, intimacy, obedience, and loyalty. They establish solidarity and equality in the diverse views, principles, laws, and actions of people concerned (Uddin, 2009). Different dominations have different perceptions of marriage. For instance, The Catholic Church's teaching is that only one man and one woman should marry; with free consent for each partner, for each other's sake and human life transmission.
Islam accepts the importance of sex and marriage as the foundations for families and canals a fundamental need's satisfaction. According to a quote from Muhammad, marriage is highly respected and considered as half the religion. Many Muslims believe that marriage is a vital part of life. Love is a male and female contract to be a husband and wife together. The arrangement of marriage is called a Nikah. The goal of marriage for most Muslims is to preserve one another's faithfulness for the remainder of their lives. According to Joseph and Naǧmābādī (2003), the prevalent belief that sex education is required to disseminate messages transmitted by the mass media within the Muslim population. In this respect, sex education is deemed inadequate in high school because it does not prepare an Islamic understanding of sexuality. Issues of sexuality can be taught in the parameter of Islam from the Canadian Muslim viewpoint. For example, sex outside marriage creates a legal basis for divorce in Canada. However, otherwise, it is not punishable by statute.

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