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The Relationship between Psychology and Christian Religion (Research Paper Sample)


The Relationship between Psychology and Christian Religion
the document illustrates the relationship between religion and psychology


The Relationship between Psychology and Christian Religion
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This study will extensively examine the mutual relationship between psychology and Christianity. Modern psychology has become influential in our culture and the American church to some extent. Research has established that psychology is highly secularized, but it is still influenced by religion. Although to understand the two issues, it's essential to analyze the two approaches, the holistic point of view and psychological point of view, to comprehend how Christianity and psychology relate. The research was necessitated by the rising concerns on religious beliefs' implications in determining people's ethical conduct. This study will investigate how particular human behavior influences an individual's religious views (Jedidiah, 2009). College learners were investigated to determine the core link between their social behavior and their religious stance. Results indicated that 12 out of 20 students acknowledged that religion plays a significant role in individual moral conduct (Worthington et al. 1996). Christian faith contributes to a large extent in shaping various human behavior and thinking.
The Relationship between Psychology and Christian Religion
Religion is a broad subject, and scholars have proposed various definitions of religion; religion entails a system of beliefs and practices that point to a binding relationship between humans and the supernatural being. On the other hand, psychology is a relentless attempt to understand human behavior and character-based examination of human experiences data. Moreover, the word integration is closely connected or associated with the idea of unity or wholeness.
The norms and values are fundamental aspects of religions. Various religious denominations contain set rules and regulations that govern individual members' conduct and how they should relate to society (Jedidiah, 2009). It has often been argued that religion and psychology are entwined and inseparable. The way people think, their ethics, and values are primarily influenced by religion. However, what are some of the internal factors that influence individual social behavior? How can social psychology be integrated into religion? How can the secular version of psychology affect the performance of faith?
Religious fanatics are struggling with what seems to be an emerging problem on how they can connect their cherished religious beliefs to the secular version of psychology. Questions have emerged on why people are always intrigued by religion's mere concept (Pargament, 2013). To understand more about the association between psychological and religious experiences more should be concerning Christianity in its relationship with the core school of thought in psychology. Although the study doesn't imply that psychology only relates to Christian beliefs, it is just an essential reference to understanding the mentioned relationship.
The relationship between religion and psychology has a similar structure concerning their historical development. The correlation has advanced progressively over the years from a typical bitter aggressiveness, through all their stiff indifference, peaceful co-existence to mutual tolerance and respect (Darmanin, 1988). During the initial stages of development, the link between the two fields only operated on a conflictual model. Each discipline supported its beliefs while challenging the validity and assumption of the other's area and approaches. The proponents of religion and psychology gradually reduced their intolerance as years advanced, calling for a need to corporate. Eventually, the attitude transformed to the tolerance of different views paving the way for a positive and mutual relationship (James, 2001).
The relationship between Psychology and Christian Religion
Countless Christian books have been 

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