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American Government: Mainstream Media Reporting Biases and Policing and Racial Injustices (Research Paper Sample)


The paper assessed the American government by summarizing two main issues, mainstream media reporting biases and policing and racial injustices. After identifying the issues, the paper discussed possible civic actions to address such issues. For example, the paper provided civic measures to address media biases and policing and racial injustices in America. As such, the paper held that crowdsourcing, which can be a valuable tool to combat fake news, leverages the knowledge of many readers or viewers to identify potential issues in news coverage. Equally, the paper found that contributing to the successful reintegration of inmates into society after their discharge is among the main goals of prison reform.


American Government Final Assessment
American Government Final Assessment
A Summary of Two Issues
1 Mainstream media reporting biasness
Until the 2000s, local newspapers, local television affiliates, and public broadcasting newscasts comprised what is known as mainstream media, which approximately correlated to where most Americans get their information (Atkinson et al., 2021). In the latest days, the media landscape has grown more complex. Print, television, and radio have replaced video, satellite radio, AM and FM radio, social media, and podcasts. These times, it also includes journalists' producers and aggregators. Additionally, traditional media might now have progressively smaller audiences due to its expansion and factionalization. The polarizability of the Americans coincides with such changes in novice distributing information (Atkinson et al., 2021). Every civilization today collects and disseminates its version of journalism and editorial comments rather than a common news landscape in which the actuality of an event can be agreed upon.
People are prone to confirmation bias when they disseminate narratives that support their political and cultural beliefs and primarily disparage the value systems of others. Party officials and numerous others have criticized journalists and news organizations, claiming their reports are false and prejudiced. According to a Gallup survey done in September 2020, 33% of Americans have no trust in the media, which has led to tension and mistrust (Berry & Wilcox, 2018). People's faith in political and governmental institutions has been further eroded by misinformation and incorrect information. Fake news is challenging to identify and eradicate due to the media's quick dissemination.
Unfair reporting propagates faster on Facebook than on any other platform, as per studies published in Nature Human Behavior in 2016. The term "Fourth Estate" has been used to describe journalism's function as a foundation of democracy since the 1840s. A free press that prioritizes accuracy practically ensures that the government is held accountable to its citizens at all levels (Hacker & Pierson, 2018). Additionally, it provides a platform for various editorial and opinion pieces. On the other side, the role of political polarization, rising media scepticism, and a surge in false and debunked news puts more pressure 

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