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Do immigrants tend to settle down together Social Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


the task required a research into the question, "ARE IMMIGRANTS FROM THE SAME COUNTRY TEND TO SETTLE DOWN TOGETHER?" it also required a literature review based on any five chosen articles related to the topic. this sample satisfies these task requirements by providing a literature review into reasons IMMIGRANTS FROM THE SAME COUNTRY TEND TO SETTLE DOWN TOGETHER. further, the RESEARCH examines how chinese immigrants in the city of toronto settle down together. a multiple REGRESSION model was UTILIZED in the analysis. the model used six independent variables believed to contribute towards migrant concentration.


Do Migrants Tend To Settle Down Together
The research question in this study is, “Do immigrants from the same country tend to settle down together?” The question helps governments in which countries immigrants are located to plan urban areas considering immigrants. Apartments for immigrants in all suitable regions immigrants consider settling should be reserved. It will also help authorities in formulating local laws that consider the existence of immigrants and their culture. Embassies will find it easier to locate their people in a particular country and ensure their safety and security.
Previous studies found that immigrants tend to concentrate in the nearest neighborhoods Rovolis & Tragaki (2016). The main reasons for the concentration were the need to maintain socialization (Soholt & Lynnebakke, 2015), preserve their culture (Desmond & Kubrin, 2009), for security reasons against criminal elements in foreign lands, to help each other as a unified community (Rovolis & Tragaki, 2016; Soholt & Lynnebakke, 2015), because of racial segregation and ethnicity that may discriminate them from certain areas (Ellis, Wright & Parks, 2004; Brama, 2006), and more. This study adds the impact of education qualifications, and the number of immigrants nearby further affect immigrant’s neighborhood concentration.
This research utilizes the multiple regression model, using Chinese immigrants' data in the City of Toronto in Canada. The data will be collected from 140 neighborhoods in Toronto. Multiple regression will assist examine the impact of many independent variables on the targeted dependent variables. For data collection, Toronto has a ready map that shows neighborhoods that assist in demarcating. A wide number of Chinese immigrants provided a reasonably large sample, and the data about Chinese immigrants in the city was easily obtainable.
Research results show that the number of immigrants nearby and education qualifications affect neighborhood concentration of immigrants. However, income level showed no impact on the neighborhood concentration of immigrants. The results were not a surprise as they were expected. Immigrants from the same country tend to link each other to opportunities and the need for security and socialization leads to immigrants becoming contracted in a particular region. However, the question that remains unanswered concerns why income level has no impact on immigrants concentration when education qualifications and level impact.
Literature Review
Research by Brama (2006) focused on investigating the effects of residential segregation on immigrant concentration. The research by Brama used data from Swedish cities concerning in-migration and out-migration, and immigrant concentration, between 1990 and 2000 (2006). Graphical modeling and percentage analysis were applied throughout the research. The results show that immigrant concentration is a result of "Swedish Avoidance" Brama (2006). However, the research is narrowly focused and is susceptible to missing crucial factors that affected immigrant concentration in the Swedish cities had more variables been analyzed in the discussion. The following research considers that immigrant concentration is a result of many factors rather than a few chosen aspects.
Rovolis & Tragaki (2016) research focused on the effects of geography and ethnic characteristics on immigrants' concentration in certain areas. The model analyzed demographic data on immigrants in Greece in 2001. Dot maps and graphical modeling with percentage comparisons were used to analyze the data to illustrate concentration. The results from the research show that ethnic characteristics and geography influence concentration, with immigrants sharing similar ethnic features showing high geographic concentration (Rovolis & Tragaki, 2016). Rovolis & Tragaaki found that immigrants from the close country also tend to follow their settlement patterns, which lead to concentration (2016). However, the study poorly addresses the concept of spatial dependence or autocorrelation, which was only necessary with regression analysis. The following reach investigates spatial autocorrelation through the application of multiple regression analysis.

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