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Federal Legalization of Marijuana in the United States (Research Paper Sample)


the paper is all about the marjuana legalization becaus eof its benefits. ofcourse it has side effects but when used properly especially as medecine its of great importance. the drug is also an improvement to the economy . the cons that marjuana has to the environment can also be overshadowed by the usefulness of the drug thus the need to legalise the product. over the periods there has been war among the government and drug lords due to the rise of bad use of marjuana but if well used its of great importance . the paper is all about the importance of the use of marjuana and how it can be achieved.


Federal Legalization of Marijuana in the United States
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Aside from improving the national economy through revenue collection and providing medical benefits to patients, legalizing marijuana will also help end the war on drugs. The majority of essential questions such as; what are the short-term and long-term effects of cannabis consumption? How viable is medical marijuana? With the correct dose, who should use cannabis? Is recreational marijuana essential for an economic breakthrough? What conditions are harmful and which are not, and who is it safe to use for recreational and medical purposes? Remain unanswered. There is a need to know the answers through data derived scientifically before making any decisions on the subject. This is dependent on the federal legalization of marijuana production and consumption. The pros of legalizing marijuana exceed the cons, according to the research hence my support for federal legalization of marijuana.
Cannabis production and consumption is a rapidly expanding multi-billion industry creating a vast divide between the United States public and government (Holifield, 2013). In a country currently legalizing its use in the majority of states, there remains to be a considerable number of people incarcerated for marijuana possession (Leyton, 2016). Cannabis use is currently far from being understood since the federal government, through the Federal Food and Administration agency (FDA), has blocked its comprehensive research by classifying it as a 'schedule I' drug. In most U.S. states, cannabis is legal and illegal according to federal law, further driving the country to a crossroads. The debate has generally been very emotional among people as they fervently believe it can be used to cure diseases or maybe a devil that will ruin society (Hajizadeh, 2016). At low doses, cannabis is effective as a pain reliever for relaxation and anxiety reduction. War veterans are using cannabis, for example, to deal with PTSD from brain injuries, paranoias, and nightmares (Hoffmann, Diane, and Ellen, 2010). Historically, 

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