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The Impact Of Curiosity On Indulgent Choice: Lack Of The Knowledge (Research Paper Sample)


the main idea was to summarize a previous research done by a former student


The Impact of Curiosity on Indulgent Choice
The article talks about the curiosity that can be defined as the intellectual deficiency that is caused by the knowledge gap between the known and the unknown or rather the knowledge a customer does not have. Some researchers have treated curiosity as a personal trait rather than a situation state. However, people have barely paid attention to whether interest can encourage customers to use numerous tactics to attack issues outside the data sphere (Wang & Huang, 2017). The article examined, the possible means, and reasons inquisitiveness can influence areas apart from the data sphere that can be framed as research questions as stated below;
Research questions
1 How does curiosity bring about motivation to consumers?
2 Can curiosity affect specific areas other than evidence fields?
3 How can curiosity affect areas other than the data fields?
Topic or the subject matter
The Conceptualization of Inquisitiveness as Reasoning Deficiency - Curiosity is not about knowledge gap; it is about what interests someone to put an effort and gain more knowledge about the interest. For example, if someone does not want to learn about surgery, he or she will not be curious about it. However, curiosity can be a personal trait due to individual differences. Also, interest can be the need to know more about something. Inquisitiveness generates the yearning to acquire the material return - Curiosity is a motivator to the individual to seek the unknown, in that, it can be considered as a rewarding incentive when we get to find out the missing information.
The craving to attain the data return highpoints and a return-pursuing objective – To obtain a goal, it is in most cases triggered by a secondary goal which was also triggered by another secondary goal. The statement means that, when one wants specific rewards driven by curiosity, may be out of a higher-order with a higher purpose of wanting any return. Such return- pursuing objective should have return- pursing behavior. A return-pursuing objective heads to leniency – Curiosity enables customers to improve their pick for lenient options. The response is expected since inquisitiveness stimulates customers to search for the specific data or material return. Therefore, curiosity requires a return- pursuing as an objective.
Contributions to marketing practices
People become curious due to many reasons. For instance, through friends' experiences, through adverts on media, billboards, through social media and many more. Therefore, it is the res

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