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Violence in Schools - a known problem that has affected many pupils (Research Paper Sample)


the task was to research about the violence that are experienced in schools. the sample was about what triggers the violence experienced in schools and how they can be reduced to a minimum level.


Violence in Schools
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Violence in Schools
Violence has been known for quite some time and defined with a lot of meaning among the youth and the elderly, though, the bottom line is that the youths consider violence in soft terms as compared to the elderly who regard violence as both physical, verbal and visual acts that are so demeaning and socially toxic in the sense that they interfere with others civil rights. There are several kinds of violence which are being committed in schools, even the teachers with the students included are very much aware yet they tend to be ignorant and in the process increasing the rate at which school-based violence escalate (Grapes, 2000). These kinds of violence mainly include those that are gang-related, threats, sexual offenses, emotional, bullying, physical ridicule and assaults.
All in all, it is a known problem that has affected many schools and institutions of learning and therefore, it calls for an immediate attention from policy makers, researchers and educators. For a course of proper action, the need to evaluate and examine the risk factors, prevalence and the evolution of the violence in schools should be raised to draw concern from the governments of the countries which are affected.
How school-based violence evolved with time
In the previous years, between 1940's and 2000, committing certain behaviors were considered to be rude and thus could call for severe disciplinary actions which either led to a student being expelled from school or being suspended indefinitely. Some of the behaviors which were deemed offensive include:
* Running in the hallway.
* Chewing gum.
* Making noise in class.
* Budging in queues
School violence evolved more rapidly after the year 1992 when researchers of violence in schools sought for the best words which could fit the aggressive nature of students towards their fellow students and teachers. It is also considered an era which has shown so much dynamic changes in both the youth and the adults. These changes have been experienced from a gradual perspective in the 90's to an aggressive act of behaviours which have intolerably increased in number to the latter years. School violence has been seen to elevate a notch higher with an increase in industrialization and the more industrialized the world grows, the more civilization it gets (Goldstein,, 1984)
. Civilization on the other hand has brought so much information systems of which some of these systems are so poisonous to the moral well-being of students thereby grooming students who do what they see in the internet and extremely violent movies.
Factors determining risky exposure to violence
There are individual, social, cultural, demographic, biological and economic factors which always make some of the students to be exposed to the dangers of school-based violence. Though, according to the studies made by some of the researchers in the U.S., there are specific features which are known to put 70% of the students at risk and they are ethnicity, threats, usage of drugs and bullying of other students.
When an individual student or teacher has an increased percentage of testosterone than that which is required in the body and a reduced amount of serotonin, the likelihoo

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