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Research Marketing Plan for a New Aviation Organization (Research Paper Sample)


Marketing Plan for a New Aviation Organization
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Marketing Plan for Eagle Aviation Company
Every business needs a well-documented marketing plan in order to survive profitably in the competitive business environment. It is defined as a document that has been written with a view of describing the niche the business intends to take, the strategy the management intends to use in order to achieve success in the market and it usually includes a timeline in which the objectives need to be met (, 2015). The management works along it when the business starts running, therefore, it kind of serves to give direction to an organization. A good marketing plan is usually comprehensive showing the specific product or service the business has in mind, the market the company intends to operate in and the activities or the operations the company wants to put in place in order to meet the needs of the market. It also has an inclusion of the projected or sometimes referred to as proforma financial statements, budgets, strategies and the sales forecasts for the company. Some managers usually prefer to incorporate the marketing plans under the business plan of the entire project. The aerospace industry is one complex one with high competitions and the company usually runs the risk of making massive losses if a proper forecast on the customer availability was not made. This is the reason why almost all aviation companies engage in an intensive designing of a comprehensive marketing plan before plunging in business. This essay outlines a comprehensive marketing business plan for Eagle Aviation Company.
Executive Summary
Eagle Aviation Company (Sometimes it shall be simply referred to as EAC in the essay) hopes to become the number one option for all individuals who wish to train as pilots in the United States of America and eventually all over the world. The company hopes to offer better training by using aircrafts which have been well maintained. Moreover, it shall also give individuals a chance to rent the aircrafts for their personal use or personalized training. In order to enhance quality and ensure that the students get a true touch of what it takes to fly, the company shall only engage in provision of updated facilities needed for teaching. The instructors during the training sessions shall be individuals with a rich aviation background and independent flight trainers. The aviation industry faces a number of problems. EAC shall help solve this problem by having professionals who shall offer consultation and help in provision of corporate solutions to the identified needs in the aviation industry.
Eagle Aviation Company shall engage in provision of a number of services in the aviation industry. The core services the organization shall offer are aircraft rental, consultation on aviation matters and flight instruction. EAC shall ensure most of the books needed for the flight instruction sessions are available and it shall allow students to carry them home for their homework assignments. This is to ensure quality training is offered and all clients have been satisfied. Training shall be made to all individuals regardless of their age but only sixteen year olds and above shall be given the chance to fly the crafts themselves; going solo. The aircrafts the Company intends to use in provision of these services are Citation SII, Reims Cessna F337 and a Cessna S550 among others that will be purchased depending on the level of demand of the services. These proposed aircrafts have been designed well and they are usually operated using updated electronics, aviation and informational technologies.
The competitive advantage of EAC shall be that since it is a small company in its initial stages, it shall provide personalized services to the clients and this shall automatically attract more customers. Most organizations in the current market are huge and a number of clients are usually not satisfied with the generalized training offered. EAC hopes to solve this solution. Focus on personalized service shall be maintained even when the organization as it strives to bring a change in the aviation industry and ensuring that their provide quality services to individuals. The use of updated technology shall also be a plus for the organization as it shall boast of being the most updated Aviation Company in the industry. The management hopes to utilize this in ensuring rapid growth of the organization through profitable operations.
In the aviation industry, safety is always a top priority to a number of clients (Williams, 2010). EAC hopes to take this as another competitive advantage that shall enable it sail through to the top in the industry. The company shall aim on ensuring that the safety of all the students. This shall be through printing of all the necessary instructions and precautions legibly and in places that can be easily accessed by everyone. A number of copies shall be made and distributed to the students so that they can properly memorize them. The company shall also have a number of staff who shall be everywhere on the ground to help the disabled and in providing guidance to the students whenever the students have a problem. It has been established that most accidents happen during the landing and the climbing phase of the flight (, 2015). The instructors have planned extensive lessons on this and extra caution to be exercised. EAC aims at zero injuries during training. In order for this to be achieved, students shall also be advised to act responsibly. Proper maintenance of safety and security of the students shall give the company an edge over its competitors.
Future Goal
The company forecasts that after a period of about two years of operation, it shall have established a niche in the market. The demand shall therefore have grown considerably and the current number of aircrafts available shall not suffice proper provision of quality and personalized services to its clients. Therefore, the future goal is to increase the number of aircrafts available for commercial and rental use. The management projects that the acquisition of the extra planes shall boost their profits higher when that time comes.
The Market
California aviation industry has recently witnessed closure of two major players, California Aviation Training School and Elite Flying School of Aviators. This is positive for the company as a large gap has been left and consequently the demand for flight has considerably increased. The location of Eagle Flying Company in the heart of the California State remains the best option for the dwellers of this state that do not prefer to travel to other states in search of pilot training services. Research about the market has also shown that most customers are disgruntled with the way the training services are being provided by the other existing players. EAC sees an opportunity here by coming up with quality and up to date services. Prior research about this intended market has also revealed that the customers complain of the current charges are punitive (Wise, Hopkin & Garland, 2010). This factor could be attributed to the obsolete equipment that is used by the current players. EAC hopes to help reduce the charges by ensuring that its operations are cost effective hence it’s easier to charge lower amounts compared to the competitors.
The SWOT Analysis
Eagle Aviation Company is an organization reach in hardworking and committed employees. The interaction between everyone is cordial as seen during their training. This presents a good work environment that helps in reduction of a high turnover. The company shall use this strength in ensuring everyone is united and focused on the mission of putting the company to greater height in the aviation industry. The top management is also led by an experienced person who has been in the pilot training schools for over fifteen years. It incorporates young blood that shall also help in bringing the dynamism that is required for the current times. The company is also in its start phase; therefore, it bears a positive public image. It has not negative history that can scare away the students. The company shall utilize this in its advertisements in order to attract more students and clients for their services. EAC has a strong financial support from a number of investors who have trusted the management with their funds. This makes it easy for taking up decisions and having expensive advertisements and other promotion activities that serve to attract clients to the organization. The final strength the company has is a strong market research department. The department has a grasp of information on the ground and other essential one that shall help in ensuring the company maneuvers successfully in the industry.
Despite putting up every measure, the company anticipates some weaknesses too. It forecasts losses, which could be huge, during the initial stages. It could be attributed to costly measures of ensuring everything is in place; the training facilities, instructors and fuelling of the aircrafts. A Low turn up is expected at the beginning and this shall lead to underutilization of facilities thus generating losses to the company (Williams, 2010). The marketing team hopes to counter this by carrying up massive campaign to ensure they attract as many clients as possible. The management to plan the training schedule depending on the number of students available, this shall enable them to rent the crafts during the moments they are not in use.
EAC shall continually expand to widen in the market opportunities in the industry. Since fuel is expensive and might reduce the profits, the company aims at the acquisition of aircrafts that are cost effective by saving fuel. This shall be a good opp...
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