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Psychology (Research Paper Sample)


The task entailed writing a research paper. The sample is about psychology.


Developmental psychology
Developmental psychology entails the scientific learning of changes, which occur in humans over their life course. Originally, development psychology was concerned with children and infants; the discipline has evolved to include adult development, adolescence, aging, as well as the whole lifespan. Developmental psychology field investigates change across an extensive variety of subjects including motor abilities, as well as, other psycho-physiological developments; cognitive development encompassing such areas as moral understanding, problem solving, as well as, conceptual understanding;; social, personality, language acquisition, plus emotional development; identity formation and self-concept (NIMH, 2004).
Developmental psychology assesses such issues as the degree of stage-like development versus development via gradual knowledge accumulation—and the degree to which a child is born with intrinsic mental structures, vs. learning by experience. A lot of researchers are engrossed in the association between individual characteristics, the person's behavior, plus environmental elements along with social context, as well as, their impact upon growth; others assume a more narrow focused methodology (NIMH, 2011).
Cognitive psychology
Cognitive psychology refers to the psychology branch, which examines mental processes encompassing how people perceive, think, learn, and remember. As portion of an enormous subject of cognitive science, this psychology branch is linked to other subjects including linguistics, philosophy, and neuroscience. There are many practical uses for cognitive studies, such as increasing decision-forming accuracy, improving memory, and configuring educational programs to improve learning. The branch of cognitive psychology centers upon the manner in which humans process facts, examination how humans treat information, which a person acquires (what behaviorists call stimuli), as well as, how this behavior results in reactions. In other terms, they are concerned with the variables, which mediate between input/stimulus and output/ response. Cognitive psychologists examine internal processes encompassing language, perception, memory, thinking, and attention (NIMH, 2011).
Behavioral psychology
Behavioral psychology is a psychology branch, which focuses upon observable behaviors. Punishment, conditioning, and reinforcement are main concepts utilized by behaviorists. Behavioral psychology upholds that behaviors are both determined and conditioned by their own consequences or outcomes (punishments and rewards). It also maintains that human behaviors may be understood through examining animal behavior. Moreover, only the measurable and observable behavior aspects are worth examining. The branch also maintains that repetition only produces mastery that equates to understanding. Behavioral psychology asserts that information is something impa...
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