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Public Security Agency Strategies In Improvement Of Law Enforcement And Emergency Medical Response Teams (Research Paper Sample)


Evaluation of public security agencies


Public Security Agency strategies in improvement of law enforcement and emergency medical response teams
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc466901625 \h 2Introduction PAGEREF _Toc466901626 \h 3Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc466901627 \h 3The interviews PAGEREF _Toc466901628 \h 4Analysis of the research PAGEREF _Toc466901629 \h 5Reflection PAGEREF _Toc466901630 \h 6Reference PAGEREF _Toc466901631 \h 8
The public security agencies are mandated with the provision of security to every individual citizen of the particular country. This is engraved in all nations’ constitution as a right to every citizen. Hence, any attack against an innocent citizen pile loads of pressure to the public security services. These agencies have dealt with this pressure by developing new model that improve how the forces and the emergency response team react and deal with any event which can occur. The readiness and crisis control is also an important area the public security officers are reviewing. In the below text the activities of the reviews and modification of the law enforcers and emergency response team model that enhance their skills and abilities is discussed in detail below.
Public administration and service have an imperative responsibility bestowed to them. Protecting the general publics’ lives is not a light issue as it sounds. High degree of ethic and discipline should be maintained and always checked. Regular training to all these stuff is also necessary to make sure their always at per with the new tactic being developed all to harm the public security. This has been a thorn in the shoes of many governments and to reduce the pressure on them have formed public security agencies. The agencies are mandated in making decisions on the course of training of the public servants who are in charge of protecting the general public. This is a critical role in any decision made affects the public security directly, (White, 2006). It also affects the standards of the services the public servants offer. This is important since they always have to emphasize the importance of saving the general public lives regardless of the price to pay. This level of loyalty needs well motivated and a celebrated individual who without any doubt know every effort the put in their work if highly appreciated.
Literature Review
According to Lewis, (2012) the public security agencies are mandated with structuring of the course taught by the law enforcers and the emergency response teams. Their responsibilities include ensuring the every employee knows and applies the required code of conduct and takes the appropriate action in case of a breach. Lewis (2012) clearly states that the responsibilities in police is the effective way to restructure the police force for maximum efficacy and finally gives how to attain maximum responsible force and effective.
As per the publication by (White, 2006)., that states for any agency be it in law enforcement medical or emergencies rapid response team or even military action, the realization of accountability is entirely dependent on the inculcated virtues. The major traits or values emphasized are integrity, honest respect, and courtesy. These are core values that guide the agencies policy making and over-seeing the overall functioning of the law enforcers and security agencies. With the complete incorporation of the named values, every employee automatically will reflect the growth of trust between the law enforcers and the general public. This is a very important since ultimately it enhances service delivery, (White, 2006).
According to LaFave, (1965) there is need to improve the police forces. The author came up with the conclusion that public security can’t be achieved by letting the ball lie squarely on the law enforces court. All the involved agencies and especially the judiciary should also help in evidence development and processing. This helps in boosting morale to the law enforcers.
In the Asian Defense and security summit meeting of the year 2017, they discussed on how to improve the defense forces especially in security implementation. The summit discussed all the modern ways that terrorist and criminal are using in undertaking their agendas. Asian countries present included India, China, Japan among others. In the summit it was evident a lot is being done in provision of public security but not enough, ("Home" Np). This was proved by the budgets allocated to ...
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