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SCIENCES AND INFORMATION Social Sciences Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Overall, there is a different type of tricks people can fall for due to the information rapidly shared over the internet. Therefore, the best way to avoid such tricks is by evaluating the source of information by finding out if the information is relevant and the purpose of the news. Furthermore, it is necessary to differentiate opinion from facts to avoid falling prey to hoax news.


Hoax and Fake Information
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Hoax and Fake Information
A hoax is usually an intended joke or a trick with the primary intention of causing an embarrassment or creating the awareness of something through advertisement. Moreover, there are some instances in which websites publish fake news by using social media. Fake news is extremely dangerous because it can negatively affect public opinion considering that provocative ideas may enter into public debates and be treated as facts.
One of the fake news that was trending in Las Vegas’ social media platforms involved a shooting that resulted in the death of fifty-nine people leaving hundreds wounded. Typically, false news began to circulate regarding the circumstance and nature of the shooting. According to Kosoff (2018), some of the social media posts by the comedian Sam Hyde, falsely claimed that he was the gunman in the shootout. The nature of the trick was for the real participants of the crime to use the comedian's photo as a meme related to the mass shooting of 

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