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Sociology Research Paper. Gender Inequality: A Functionalist Perspective (Research Paper Sample)


You can use structural functionalism for this
You must choose a social issue /problem, research the basic information on your topic, and you must cite your sources.
Apply a theory which you think best explains your topic. You must integrate a theoretical interpretation to your topic: How would your theory interpret the social problem/issue which you are discussing?
Go to the Library website, and choose scholarly articles for your research (2 articles should suffice) - do not include any articles that you got in a .com, .org, or internet site. Scholarly articles only.
Your paper should be between 2-3 pages long. You must include a conclusion to your work, the conclusion should be about 1/2 paragraph long.
Be sure to cite your sources in text and in a Works Cited page. Use APA format for your citations.


Gender Inequality: A Functionalist Perspective
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Gender Inequality: A Functionalist Perspective
Gender inequality or stratification is a widespread social problem across the world. Gender inequality is the unfair treatment of individuals based on their gender. Historically, many societies have been opposed to women going to school, doing certain jobs, and owning or purchasing a property. The social expectations of women and men differ between cultures that are constructed culturally and socially. The cultural expectations of men and women are distinctly demonstrated in roles and behavior held by both men and women and the underlying interdependent relationships (Stamarski & Son Hing, 2015). The structural-functionalism perspective view gender inequalities as an effective means of creating a division of labor. This is a model where a particular gender is allocated specific acts of labor, while another gender segment is responsible for other acts.
Functionalism views society as a multiplex system whose defining parts work jointly to promote social harmony and stability. The functionalist perspective sees the society in a macro-level inclination, which is an extensive focus on the systems that build a society in general and examines both social functions and social structures (Silva, 2017). 

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