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Renewable Energy Social Sciences Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


task about environmental science and renewable energy


Name of student
Solar Energy
What is solar energy
Solar energy refers to the energy from the sun being channelled to produce electricity or converted into thermal energy. Electricity produced through this process is known as solar power. Solar energy is the clearest and ample renewable energy source across the world.
Methods used to capture solar energy
The most commonly used sources to capture solar energy are solar panels.
How it captures solar energy
These panels have photovoltaic cells that absorb the sunlight, producing direct current and converting it to alternating current by using inverters (López-Vizcaíno et al 2017). These panels generate electricity directly though these panels can also be used to charge batteries. There are other panels below 12 watts that are also used to charge phones directly through the included adaptors. (Power, 2019).
Does it create electricity directly or charge batteries?
Solar energy through the solar panels captures the solar power directly from the sunlight and then convert it to electrical energy. This energy since it is in direct current form is then converted to an alternating current form which is then utilized in charging the d-c batteries that can be used later when the amount of solar has gown down.
* Solar power is clean and available all day, this type of energy is pollution-free since it is produced by using sunlight.
* Solar energy is also cost-effective since users do not have to pay for electric bills.
* The invention of solar power has created employment opportunities in the solar panels manufacturing industries.
* Solar panels can be installed anywhere and even have batteries that store energy to be used at night. Solar panels require minimum maintenance as they can last up to thirty years. (Fakhriddin & Jakhongir, 2019).
* Comparatively, solar energy is better than the conventional energy sources as the solar never gets depleted, it is renewable and cheaper in the long run.
Cost to use solar energy
The average cost of solar panel installation in the united states of America 2020 is about $13,142 after the tax credit, which is average $2.96/watt, this is a one-off payment and is relatively cheaper than paying electric bills.
Is the cost a pro or not why?
The cost of installing solar energy definitely is an advantage. When compared to the conventional cost of installing electricity it is way cheaper. For instance; the conventional cost energy consumption for the conventional electricity in the united states of America is 13.31 cents per kWh. Whereas, on solar energy, once the amount has been spent, there are no associated consumption costs (López-Vizcaíno et al 2017).
Comparative price with conventional energy sources
When compared with the conventional energy sources in terms of the price; solar energy only requires the capital investment for the installation, and thereafter no additional expenses. This implies it entails a lot of energy-saving opportunities.
Chances we will see more of this soon

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