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Social Research Social Sciences Learning Module 2 Paper (Research Paper Sample)


You need to engage with the
full TAP framework for each module. You should begin writing each module soon after completing
the online and tutorial materials.


Social Research
Learning Module 2
In learning module 2, I have learned new information on the concepts of answering questions, coming up with research questions, and methods of collecting qualitative data. This has greatly challenged the knowledge that I had on social research. In research, the research does not know the answer to the problem under investigation, and the answer can only be known through research inquiry to the social problem. When carrying out social science research, it is essential to identify a researchable topic. The following are some of the potential sources of research topics existing literature, a social problem, personal experiences, the media, counter-intuitive, sponsors, and teachers (Kothari, 2004).
Once a research topic has been identified, the next step is formulating good research questions, which are essential for framing a good research project (Butland, 2020). The research questions are answered by collecting qualitative data in social sciences research. The common methods of collecting data include individual interviews, focus group discussion, observations, document and artifacts review, triangulation, and use of photovoice. I was excited to learn how to carry out social research effectively, and the videos gave me an enlightenment n how to use photovoice. 

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