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The Impact of Technology on Social Interactions Social Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


the task was to examine the impact of technology on social interactions


The Impact of Technology on Social Interactions
Name: Jalissa D. Richmond
Course: EDFL 515
Professor: Ingrad Smith
Submission Date:
Technology has arguably affected every aspect of our society. It is continuously influencing society’s behavior, evolution, and development. It has not only made people’s day to day activities easier, but also impacted on their relationships with one another.
Technology has tremendously improved people’s lives. This improvement has come with its benefits as well as adversities. Whereas it has bridged the global gap and made the world a global village by connecting people, some may be physically together but far apart. This is because mobile devices are addictive and it may be difficult to separate oneself from them causing a virtual distance. Mobile devices have modified human behavior in the workplace, in the buses or trains, in public places, and at home. People prefer texting or calling instead of meeting physically. The digital devices have made it common for people to sit or walk around without engaging in any conversation or even noticing one another due to the diversion of their attention to the devices. Human relationships and interactions have, therefore, decreased while human-to-smartphone interactions have increased.

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