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Stop, Search, Use of Force, or Arrest: An Exploration Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Each student must choose ONE major decision point/process in the CJ system: the decision of the police to stop, search, use force, or arrest; the decision of the prosecutor to files charges, prosecute, plea bargain; the decision of the judge to release a defendant pretrial (e.g., bail), sentence to jail/prison or an alternative sanction (e.g., probation or intermediate sanctions), how long to sentence, the death penalty; the decision of the parole board to release on parole.


Stop, Search, Use of Force, or Arrest: An Exploration
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University: XXX
The decision of police officers to either stop, search, use force, or arrest an individual is set on various parameters that is defined to protect the rights of the individuals and the officers in charge. It lies across various considerations that must be met before choosing what intervention is necessary to exercise one’s mandate as an officer. This paper explores what warrants a stop, a search, a use of force, or an arrest. It shows the factors that are often carried out to form a certain decision and the processes that lies under it. It its findings, it was found that the procedures in which these types of interventions were made are strong and in compliance with various considerations and precedents set by various ruling. On the ground, however, the discretionary nature of these interventions are founded on ill-defined individual understanding which usually blur the lines further.

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