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Violence in Sports (Research Paper Sample)


This paper intends to discuss violence in sports, and it draws literature from disciplines such as anthropology, psychology, and sociology.


Violence in Sports
Violence in Sports
Intimidation, aggression, and violence are aspects of sports just as they are part of society in general. As a result, no one should be surprised that violence exists in sports. Violence involves the use of excessive physical force, which results to harm or destruction. Certain sports such as football, rugby and hockey, are designed for assertive and physical contact between competitors. Participants, spectators, and fans of such sports seem to enjoy the risk element involved. For instance, it has often be said that die-hard hockey fans love to watch the fights between players as much as they enjoy the actual hockey skills displayed by the players (Collins, 2009). This paper intends to discuss violence in sports, and it draws literature from disciplines such as anthropology, psychology, and sociology.
In today’s culture, violence is viewed as a normal thing. Vices are shown in story form in movies and on television, and various songs associated with the youth advocate various forms of violence. Moreover, in most industrialized countries, violence is normally tolerated and glorified, and it is culturally associated with normal male behavior. Children are allowed to watch violent male sports, films, television programs, and electronic games that involve male protagonists. Little boys are given toy guns, soldiers and other war paraphernalia to play with. Actually, various societies seem to have absolutely embraced violence.
After a championship football game in North America, fans gather in various central locations to celebrate the victory of their favorite team. However, these celebrations can result in vandalism, tear-gassing by police, turned-over and burned automobiles, and arrested sports fans. Fan violence is usually referred to as a social problem in North America that should be of concern to its citizens (Lewis, 2007). Fans seem to love the thundering hit, specifically in the playoffs when the stakes are raised, the referees back off, and the emotional level of a high-energy game is constantly on the boil. Although fan violence in North America is of much concern, such instances are not frequently reported as it is with the rest of the world, particularly when compared with violence instances in soccer matches in Italy, Germany, Britain, Belgium, a...
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