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Applying Programming Tools (Research Paper Sample)


THIS PAPER IS ABOUT THE SIGNIFICANCE OF Programming TOOLS IN PROVIDING GUIDELINES FOR executing PROGRAMs SUCCESSFULLY. The paper analyses real-world examples that have shown excellent outcomes after the application of such tools and those that have not highlighted the significance. It also discusses the values of using a logical model and a budget as a programming tool.


Applying Programming Tools
Student’s Name
Date of Submission: DD/MM/YYYY
Public health programs are often very costly, the execution time strictly dictates the resources that will be invested regarding time, efforts and funding. Regardless of these, the stakes for the outcome are usually high, and normally these programs are on a noble course. One that intends to improve the welfare of a community or a specific group of a population. One of the major public health programs highlighted in this paper is the provision of clean water and sanitation to the public. Just like in most fields, there is a limited nature of resources and strict adherence to the schedule in public health programs. Therefore, while conducting these programs, it is ideal that researcher and experts use the most useful programming tools for the most desirable outcome. Some of the tools used entail a detailed plan of the program often with: the budget, timelines, set of priorities, and training. These tools provide guidelines for conducting the program successfully and many other benefits that this paper will explore.
Real-word Examples
While addressing the programming tools. It is prudent first to explore real-world examples that have shown excellent outcomes after the application of such tools and those that have not. As such, we can gain insightful ramifications and know how better the tools can be used. One such case is the Water Mission organization. The anchor goal of this organization is to avail clean water and sanitation to different people who cannot access the service across the world. In Belize, the goal was not any different, the co-founder Jennifer Harsta established key deliverables to ensure the projects to provide clean water to a section of Belizeans was a success. She sought to create a good relationship with the locals first, then the installation of chlorinators in different children homes and, in the months to follow, two Living Water Treatment Systems in two schools. Each of this was to happen within a specified timeline such that by the time the last deliverable was accomplished, it ensured the project in a way that provided a precise allocation of resources, and avoided overwhelming the team with many tasks. Apart from schedule adherence, the project was also tied to the budget. All the activities within the specified timelines was allocated funds that ensured they never stalled.
Program execution requires the right budget. There is a thin line between dividing the available funds among activities and allocating each activity appropriate resources. Therefore, a reasonable source of funds should be identified before the budget is made. Quite often, this is challenging. As Dr. Silva found, there are disparities in the available options to access funds among different groups of people. Her focus on financial inclusion shows that there is a widespread lack of access to finance among the low-income groups. She suggests microfinancing industry as the major boost to small businesses and low-income people as they can access funds easier while reducing predatory lending that targets the vulnerable poor with debt traps. Informed by these realities, Dr. Silva knew the poor have challenges in accessing meal, fundamentally because the existing problems in accessing funds for personal economic development, therefore, a local food drive program would yield sufficient funding to support their meals for some time.
In this paper, the SPP program will be about reducing teenage pregnancy in Orlando. To effectively carry out the program, an emphasis will be on three programming tool that will prove more productive. They include logic model, budget, and timeline.
Logic Model
A logic model is a special tool used to explain the program matrix. It details the goals of the program and elaborates how the outcomes or the anticipated effects of the program can be measured and quantified (Newsome et al., (2014). For this SPP, the primary goal will be to reduce teenage pregnancy in Orlando. To achieve that goal, there will need to have objectives that will ensure the activities are geared towards the primary goal.
* The first objective will be to target schools to interact with the teenagers and create a friendly relationship for effective educating. This is the only place where the experts can access scores of teenagers and interact directly with them for a more personalized message delivery, which is, in the end, more impactful than other means.
* Second, the experts conducting the program will emphasize the use of protection during sex in the extreme. It will be, however, contradicting the advice to abstain.
* Third, discouraging the use of contraceptives. The fact that the program targets teenagers, it might not address all question leaving gaps that might be explored by the otherwise inquisitive and curious teenager. In the process, they might learn and make decisions about contraceptives despite their minority age.
* Fourth, discouraging drug abuse and negative peer influence, particularly the one that might lead to influenced sex or even rape.
* Fifth, reaching out to the parents of the teenagers through special event days in schools and reading materials – brochures – to ensure that a significant number of parents access knowledge on how to guide and avoid pregnancies among their teenage children.




Avail sex information to create self-awareness among teenagers

Identify the needed resources and best way to carry out other activities targeting the teenagers

Program director


Discourage use of contraception among teens

Arrange sessions with the teenage students

Program team leaders


Reach out to the parents

Conduct session with parents and offering them articles on teenagers

Program Co-ordinator


The Values of Using Logic Model as a Programming Tool
The use of the logic model communicates precise information to the people outside the project like the sponsors and donors. It explains the main goals of the project and how it will be implemented. It also gives the executing team an overview of what will be happening during the progress of the program and allow them to challenge or agree on the ways of execution (Fertman & Allensworth, 2010). The model also keeps track of changes made to the program and gives details on how the outcome of each activity will be evaluated to ensure all activities are oriented to the success of the program.
A budget is a financial plan that shows the income or the funds available, and the anticipated expenditure those funds will be subjected to. This tool is very instrumental in public health program. Specifically, below is what the budget of this program look like.
Reducing Teenage Pregnancy in Orlando
FY2017 Preliminary Revisions


Preliminary Budget request



Interacting with teenagers across school




Educating on protected sex




Discouraging use of contraceptives among teenagers




Discouraging drug abuse and negative peer pressure




Preparing and printing parenting materials




Reaching out to parents








Fixed Charges




Overall Total




The Values of Using Budget as a Programming Tool
Budget is the most efficient

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