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How AR is Changing the Future of Education (Research Paper Sample)

I need an essay which is about the future design and education for design colleague management 500 words, and how both things bond together and affect the work of the lecturer. client suggestions majorly about further design (could be more Tech wise , VR , AR....etc) sort of virtual things how they become a necessary subject in the education , mainly want to move the top person to expand some course and how the student can well use these future design tools to express their creative idea instead of superior skill needed , like making a web site being easier now than 10 years ago ..... source..
How AR is Changing the Future of Education Name Institution Affiliation Course Number Date In various education systems worldwide, designers are entrusted with complex challenges in education systems. However, the past education system did not always prepare students for future challenges. It is essential to understand that technology has grown, and with it, education grows. As such, there is a need for a different approach in the future design of education and how it will affect the lives of students and lecturers. There has been a rising growth of augmented reality in the recent past. This is a tool that educators are already using to enhance students' learning experience. In the initial trials, it is agreeable to say that augmented reality better engages students making the learning process easy and interactive (Mekacher, 2019). Some of the advantages of AR in the future of education are visual overlays and haptic feedback. Indeed, many institutions are already adopting augmented reality in their classrooms and field trips due to the versatile and immersive learning opportunities that it contributes to. Therefore, this tool has more potential if adopted in the various education systems around the world. Augmented reality is a notable digital information integration with the student surroundings in real-time. Thus, it prepares future leaders for dealing with the demands of the future. Augmented reality in the classroom introduces updated curricula and methodology. As such, students can now acquire new knowledge through screen touching and experience. It is important to note that incorporating AR content for lecturers involves any other subject such as chemistry and biology (Ally, 2019). This enhances the learning and understanding of the students while it eases the teaching of lecturers. It makes it fun and faster hence increasing efficiency around education. While many people doubt that AR can be the future of education, its benefits already speak for themselves. This is because it does benefit not only students and lecturers but also content publishers and institutions. It enriches the learning experience making it more interesting. Therefore, this technology will improve and change the traditional education system, addressing the issue of students' attention. Irrespective of the advantages, everyone needs to understand that AR cannot independently solve problems in conventional education methods. Consequently, schools and content publishers should be able to come up with disruptors creating a competitive edge to make education a good learning experience. When disruptors are identified, students will continue enjoying their interactive learning while lecturers get the chance to pass knowledge in the most advanced and easiest way. While more institutions are adopting new technologies and publishers are already integrating...
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