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Building the Boeing 787 (Research Paper Sample)


Boeing is ranked second in the plane manufacturing industry in terms of capacity and efficiency. The firm earned a gross income of $63 billion in the year 2009 from its entrepreneurial aircraft segments and the defense department. The firm deals with supplying a variety of products to consumers located at different regions of the business world. To be precise, Boeing manufactures and distributes aircraft products to the aviation industry as well as to defense departments of the government.


Building the Boeing 787
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Boeing is ranked second in the plane manufacturing industry in terms of capacity and efficiency. The firm earned a gross income of $63 billion in the year 2009 from its entrepreneurial aircraft segments and the defense department. The firm deals with supplying a variety of products to consumers located at different regions of the business world. To be precise, Boeing manufactures and distributes aircraft products to the aviation industry as well as to defense departments of the government. Products produced by the Boeing Company include military dreamliners and commercial airplanes. As a mechanism of boosting marketability, Boeing adopted outsourcing from foreign suppliers. Boeing did not make judgmental decisions on the risks and benefits outsourcing would bring to the Company resulting in poor performance.
Company Information
Boeing is an international firm situated in the United States. It was started in the year 1916 by William Boeing. The firm came into union with Douglas McDonnell in the year 1997. The Company’s headquarters are based at Chicago. Several subdivisions exist in the Company’s structure. These entrepreneurial units are the aircrafts for commercial use, engineering, technology and defense branches. According to reports by the United States chamber, the Company earned $215 billion from its total sales in 2009 and offered more than 640,000 job opportunities. Research shows that Boeing is number twenty four in the U.S when it comes to job creation.
The 787 jet designed by Boeing is a marvelous hit to the time to come being of the aviation sector. It will have rocking effects on both airline business and synthesis of planes. It is contrived to undertake long-drag flights from one point to another subsequently. The two hundred and fifty capacity jet is mainly made of complex materials like aluminum which suitably has desirable aircraft properties like light weight and corrosion resistance. The use composite materials in building a greater fraction of the jet has made it lighter than all other existent conventional airplanes of equal size. Being light lowers amount of fuel consumed by the jet and hence reduced expenditure. The plane also has additional features such as; bigger windows, state-of-the-art electronic components and expanded headroom size.
The Workforce, services and products
The Company’s organizational structure is based on products and nature of services offered. Boeing performs tasks in five subdivisions. The very first section is the commercial air hose .This branch is responsible for the manufacture, marketing and supply of jet airplanes. Furthermore, the branch provides services pertaining commercial air hoses to the aviation industry all over the globe to passengers. Examples of models constituting the diverse jet family include the 777 broad body models, the 767 broad body models and the 737 constringe models. In addition to producing jets, the commercial air hose branch offers support to aviation activities and service delivery. It also performs duties concerning training and modification. Furthermore, the subdivision advises business customers as well as the government nodes on issues concerning their products all over the world.
The Boeing security, space and defense segment provides a wide range of ideas and services to clients. For the case of insurance, the segment deals in producing, developing and conducting research on diverse products. About 80% of the total gross income earned by the Company comes from this branch. The Boeing’s capital performance is another important subdivision providing computer training services.
History of the Company
William Boeing, the founder of the Company bought a health shipyard in Seattle in the year 1910. This ended up being the very first aircraft factory established by Boeing. This firm was referred to as the Pacific aero product Company limited. After establishing the firm, Boeing put into reality all the theoretical skills on wooden structures concerning development of aircrafts that he had learnt from the University of Yale. Boeing started his first enterprise shortly after George Courad developed the maiden flight. Together with George William produced the B&W hydroplanes. From there hence forth, the design mechanisms used to develop this jet were used by the Boeing to manufacture its products. The name of the Company was altered to Boeing Aircraft Company in the year 1917. The Company distributed diverse plane products to the navy team of the United States during 1st World War. They were specifically utilized for training. Boeing supplied the navy force with Cs type aircrafts. After the 2nd World War, the Company’s sales decreased due to falling demand as well as availability of cheaper planes in the business market. Realizing danger of market loss, Boeing radiated its line of product manufacturing. It began production and distribution of furniture and sea sleds so as to curb the rising competition CITATION Adm12 \l 1033 (Administrator, 2012).
Furthermore, Boeing championed with the Curtiss Company for manufacture of Army products but was defeated. Curtis acquired the contract and Boeing fostered its manufacture of PW-9 battler. The Company’s progress and expansion was boosted a great deal by the production of the PW-9 and P12-F4B fighters. These two products spearheaded Boeing’s marketing abilities bringing about incredible outputs and most importantly making Boeing one of the leading jet fighter producers worldwide CITATION Yen05 \l 1033 (Yenne, 2005). The name of the Company was altered to United Airplanes and Transport Organization in the year 1929 after forming collaboration with the Pacific Transportation. Thereafter, the Company assimilated several other Companies like Whitney and Pratt into its operations. The first airplane to be manufactured by the Company came into existence1929. The airplane was composed of three engines and was meant for transportation of people. After some time, Boeing advanced and began production of worldwide missiles. The Company thereafter began to ship 707 jet fighter to various countries in the year 1958.
The jet began operation after three years of simulation. The plane had considerable greater capacity compared to the previous inventions. Further improvements are being made to accelerate the airplane’s performance abilities. Other than the 737 invention, th Company hhas come up with the 747 airplane which has advanced capabilities.
In the year 2010, Boeing came up with a new product which ended up being a great hit in the market. This was the 747-8 airliner. However, the product suffered some delay due to lack of quality components required for its manufacture as well as financial constraints. Apart from the mentioned reasons, the delay was prompted further by the Apollo program that had been exercised by the Company prior to the latest inventions. The program did not last for long before it was terminated and indeed became a terrible hazard to the Company. There were incredible improvements in Boeing’s operations in the year 1983, and the Company was able to generate the 757 and 767 versions. In 1994 Boeing manufactured the 777 airplane. The plane was made up of a dual engine system and had the ability to host more than three hundred passengers. It was the first unique airplane to incorporate a fly by wire mechanism in its design. The design also stood to be the only airplane with computed aided design technology. (Newhouse 2008).
Furthermore, Boeing transferred its headquarter locations to East marginal. Boeing also purchased the Rockwell defense and Rockwell aerospace branch in the year 1995.Boing afterwards acquired a completely unexampled identity in the corporate world after coming into alliance with McDonnell CITATION Ale13 \l 1033 (Aleksy, 2013). Other than establishing a fresh look before the public, Boeing relocated its central administration quarters to Chicago in the year 2001. Unfortunately, Boeing lost Lockheed martin to its closest stiff business rival during a united strike. After the projects were cancelled, Boeing began producing the 787 airplane. The technology utilized for this amazing product was equally similar to that used in the manufacture of the Sony cruiser.
Marketing Strategies and Operations
As an instrument of market expansion, Boeing devotes considerable time towards advertising and promoting its products in order to achieve increased sales and also to pull customers towards its services. Advertisement of goods is substantial to a Company’s productivity and progress.
Advertisement and promotion of products helps a Company attract new clients as well as helping keep existing customers in touch. Boeing succeeded in establishing a firm market foundation. It has the objective of serving customers in various distinct branches. For instance, it aims at reaching air hose firms located in different nations. Moreover, Boeing targets the United States government. The U.S flings ready market opportunities for products manufactured by Boeing as well seeking its services.
Advertisement of products has also triggered increase in volume of product sales made by the Company. There has been significant improvement in Boeing’s financial performance capabilities and income generation since its establishment. The gross income was $64 billion in the year 2010 recording the highest profits gained by the Company.
Boeing employs diverse media to achieve excellent advertisement and promotion of its products. As an illustration, the Company incorporates electronic techniques to boost marketability of its products in the business world. Most of the advertisements are done through television, newspaper, brochures a...
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