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India's National Pride (Research Paper Sample)


Write a research based essay focusing on one hypothesis, which is India is preparing for missions and launching their own spacecrafts instead of depending on other countries for the sake of national pride, ex. they don\'t depend on US\'s conclusion that there is no living being in mars. *Use evidence from 4 primary or secondary resources; one of them should be a published source. (Scholarly resources) *Demonstrate correct use of citation and referencing style *Accurate and relevant bibliography


India’s National Pride
India’s National Pride
India is preparing for missions and launching their own spacecrafts instead of depending on other countries for the sake of national pride, for example, they do not depend on US's conclusion that there is no living being in mars. The mission to Mars is mainly technological, which considers the critical mission operation and stringent requirements on propulsion and other bus systems of the spacecraft.
The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has numerous ground installations as assets, and collaborates with the global society as a part of the numerous multilateral and bilateral agreements. ISRO has launched its foremost  HYPERLINK "" \o "Mars" Mars orbital mission fruitfully on 5 November 2013 (BBC, 2013). Mangalyaan spacecraft carries a 15-kilogram set of five scientific appliances to learn the Martian surface features, mineralogy, and upper atmosphere.
The mission concerning national pride was by no means in doubt. In 2012, the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, announced about the launch in his annual address from the ramparts of famous Red Fort in Delhi, the stronghold of the Mughal monarchs. The achievement of this mission would imply that the Indians would join the US, the Russians, and the European space agency that have all succeeded in reaching Mars (Burke, 2013).
India started the mission to become the first country in Asia to reach Mars with the successful launch from the India’s southern space station of about 1.4 tonne unmanned probe that is strapped to the rocket. Because it lacks the ability to fly straight to Mars, this probe will orbit around the Earth for approximately one month. The thruster firing is designed to increase the required velocity to break away from the gravitational pull of the Earth.
The main goal of the mission is to identify methane gas in the Martian environment that might provide proof of some form of life on Mars, the fourth planet away from the sun. India wants to develop technologies necessary for planning, design, operation, and management of the interplanetary mission. The operation carries a color-imaging camera to take medium-resolution photos of the Martian surface, a thermal infrared spectrometer for measuring the chemical composition Martian surface, and gadgets, which include a methane detector, to evaluate the Mars atmosphere.
Indian engineers also added independent competences to the rocket sh...
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