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Virtualization Technology (Research Paper Sample)


Order Description Provides clear comparision of virtualized environments and traditional environments Includes basic concepts, hardware, software, and technical advantages Provides clear summary of the business aspects of moving from a traditional environment to a virtual environment.Includes clear opinions about the operational benefits of moving.Provides well documented comparison between the three leading virtualization platforms. Includes detail regarding cost, licensing, support, and hardware requirements.


Virtualization Technology
The transition from traditional computing environments to virtual computing environments has brought a paradigm shift which has enormously shaped modern information technology (Boursas 5). A variety of platforms, each with its unique strengths and advantages, have emerged to give businesses options to choose from. In the wake of rising technology, many businesses have adopted to virtualized technology (Boursas 6). However, there are those organizations which have stuck to their traditional environments as evident by use of many physical servers in their IT departments. Organizations that uses virtualized technology have increased efficiency through sharing resources of several severs in a single application without affecting their peak loads. The operational benefits of moving from a traditional approach to a virtualized environment are many (Boursas 9). This paper seeks to analyze traditional and virtualized environments in an attempt to provide insights into their basic concepts, softwares, hardware, technical advantages and why businesses should move to virtualized environments due to emergency of various virtualization platforms.
Traditional vs. Virtualized Environments.
Virtualization is a program or software that provides support when installing other OS in computers (Boursas 15). Virtualized technology entails creation of many independent operating systems which run on the same machine. Virtualization entails a simple concept of using a single server in running all of organization’s applications at the same time without being affected by the workload. Traditional environment, on the other hand, rely on conventional basic principles to run organization’s applications. Traditional approach does not provide support program to install other operating systems in machines. In order to run the different and many applications of an organization at the same time, different phsical servers are used (Boursas 17)
Virtual environments apply very simplified and reduced hardware devices unlike in traditional environments. Virtual environment is accessible from various devices and this allows an organization to have fewer hardware machines in its data center. Less hardware in virtual environment makes it easier to troubleshoot problems, it saves power and related maintenance costs due to less hardware devices. The hardware infrastructure used in traditional environment is massive. This is evident by the very many physical servers that are stored in organizations data centers. Many hardware devices are very challenging to maintain, and they consume a lot of power. Traditional environments are characterized by various hardware devices which are manufactured by different suppliers, hence, troubleshooting of problems in conventional servers is sometimes challenging (Boursas 23)
When compared in terms of softwares used, traditional environment and virtual environment are very different. Virtual environment softwares are designed to control and manage multiple virtual environment situations. Virtual machines software provides a platform that supports operating system’s executions. They are built with the ability to run machine programs in absence of real hard wares and this leads to efficiency in computing resources. Virtual environment software can be built with one or more programming languages so as to support program flexibility and portability among other vital functionality. The software running inside virtual machines is limited to abstractions and resources provided by the machine, hence, it does not work outside its virtual environment. On the other hand, softwares in traditional approach are fully integrated with computer’s hardware in order to organize computer/machine’s functions. Softwares in traditional environments provide platforms for other software to operate; they allow their users to take advantage of computing resources by providing the necessary interface (Boursas 30).
Benefits of switching to Virtualized environments.
In contemporary times, many businesses and organization are moving from traditional environment to virtual environment. There are in numerous operational benefits that organization can gain due to use of virtualized technology. Virtual environment brings not only technical advantages to the organization but also, benefits that can help realize organizational goals and objectives. Some of the most extensive reasons why companies are switching to virtualized environments is gain benefits such as improved end user experience, reduced hardware, reduced power consumption, increased adaptability and flexibility and preparation for future upgrades (Boursas 45).
Switch from traditional environment to virtual environments improves end user experience. Virtualized environment are remotely accessible through the use of any authenticated device. It allows users to access corporation applications and data securely no matter their location or device they use. In addition, frustrating compatibility between end point devices and network systems is reduced by virtualized environments. Organizations that use virtualized technology have reduced hard ware devices in their data centers. Virtual environment is accessible through a variety of devices; hence few company issued machines are needed. This saves purchase and maintenance costs for the organization. Reduced hardware in a company means that, there are fewer devices that consume electricity. Virtualized environments have been adopted by companies that are going green. Less power is consumed in virtualized environments, unlike in traditional environment, because the former requires fewer computing resources. Environment management has become an issue of concern for many companies. Through use of virtualized technology, this goal is achievable due to reduced pollution as few machines and hardware devices are used. Virtualized environments have enabled companies plan and adapt to their budgets effectively. Unlike the traditional approach where new machines and networks are purchased, virtual environment are done instantly without consuming time and much costs for hard ware devices. Optimized adaptability and flexibility is the most attractive benefit of using virtualized environment. It allows for upgrades and installations unlike, the traditional approach where upgrades have to be installed in every networked device in cases of new applications (Boursas 55).
Virtualization Platforms.
Various virtualized platforms have emerged in recent times. Each of the platforms is created with unique capabilities that have given organization an added advantage in terms of data handling and operational efficiency. Contemporary technology gurus have ranked VMare- vSphere 5.1, Xen and Microsoft’s Hyper-V as the leading virtualization platforms. However, these three virtualization players needs to be evaluated in terms of factors such as licensing, costs, support and hardware requirements in order to shed more light to potential consumers.
VMare’s licensing, pricing, hardware requirements and support.
The size of an organization’s environment and required functionality determines licensing and pricing/cost of VMare virtualized environment software. VMare requires CALs...
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