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Computer Sciences and Information Technology. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


1. What are the one or two most challenging issues in identifying and documenting IT acquisition requirements (i.e., the requirements for solving the problem that was defined)? Explain your reason(s) and how the issue(s) can be successfully addressed.
2. Should it be permitted to add, delete, and change requirements after they have been approved up to the time a contract has been signed with a service provider? Should it even be possible to add, delete, and change requirements during the subsequent project?
3. The development of a work breakdown structure can be challenging. It requires a good understanding of the problem and a good understanding of the proposed solution. The proposed solution must be "broken down" into its major parts, each of which may be further broken down. Comment on your experience in developing a work breakdown structure for your individual project. What was easy? What was difficult? What problems did you encounter and how did you solve them?


Management in Information Technology
Institutional Affiliation
Management in Information Technology
Decision Making in IT Acquisition
The identification and documentation of information technology (IT) acquisition requirements is a multifaceted process affected by numerous factors like rapid technological changes, suitability of the requirement in accomplishing the targeted IT goals of an organization, and whether the requirement will be purchased once, leased, or acquired in stages. The most challenging issues in this process include the planning and justification of the selected system requirements.
Planning and justification are tied to utility and the effectiveness of IT products. As explained by Mu and Pereyra-Rojas (2016), the main reason for procuring system products is the solution of challenges to result in eased business processes. Planning and justification begins by reviewing the problem to be solved by the requirement. To be justified for purchase, an IT product must have the capacity to align itself with specific business processes and company objectives. Notably, there are short-term and long-term goals in every organization. With time, technology that cannot be modified and upgraded becomes obsolete. As an organization identifies and documents its IT requirements, it should be certain that such requirements will serve both the short-term and long-term goals for the period planned. It is challenging to locate products with the justifications for meeting the short-term and long-term goals in the plan of an organization.

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