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JFET Transistors Technology Research Assignment Paper (Research Paper Sample)


the task was to write a brief description of JFET transistors.


JFET Transistors
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JFET Transistors
JFETs (junction gate field-effect transistor) is an important electronic device that has various applications. It is essentially a transistor that is used to control the electrical performance or behavior of a specific device by varying the electric field passing through it (Marston, 2013). As a result of these characteristics, JFETs can be used as resistors to control voltage, amplifiers, and even electronically-controlled switches (Deshpande, 2007). As such, the applications of JFETs are significantly diverse, which makes them essential electronic devices.
By design, JFETs are exclusively controlled by voltage. Because of this, they do not typically need a biasing current like bipolar transistors. Considering the vast applications of JFETs, they are usually used as gates with a large variety of circuits and external components in order to fully function (Godse & Bakshi, 2007). To facilitate this functionality, JFETs have extremely high gate input impedances, which are aimed at ensuring that they have negligible effects on said external components or circuits. In this way, JFETs can work effectively as transistors without having any significant impact on the circuits or components that they connect.
Insofar as the configuration is concerned, JFETs can be considered either N-channel or P-channel. In both cases, however, the PN-junction creates a depletion layer inside the channel. Consequently, an N-channel JFET results in the creation of a negative voltage within the channel (Diffenderfer, 2005). As such, the depletion region between the gate and the drain is more depleted compared to that between the gate and the source. This results in a depletion region with almost zero width, which gives a current that is ...
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