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Technology and Innovation Technology Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


A case research on Nokia INvention and growth of the company and the steps that has led to the achievements. The structural system of the company and the progressive steps the company has taken.


Technology and Innovation: A case study of Nokia
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Nokia mobile was one of the leading companies in mobile tech. Nokia witnessed a period where there was an upsurge in its business operations all over the world. However, from the year 2007, sales from Nokia began declining due to iPhone entering the market with new technology. iPhone was focusing on manufacturing smartphones with the IOS platform, which were much appealing to the users. Nokia faced a real threat as it was stuck in past with old technology, the Symbian operating system. Consumers were complaining about the Symbian because it was complicated to use and, in some instances, even shut down. During the same period, the company faced challenges with its leadership. The delay in management decisions to adopt new technology and failure to innovate new software caused a shift in the market, as people started to resort to Android and IOS. Nokia’s market share dropped and started to sack employees. The paper discusses the instances where the management of Nokia failed through various steps of leadership. It further provides solutions to how the company could have made it right and remained a global leader in phone technology.

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