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Spatiotemporal Data and the Covid-19 Pandemic. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The TAsk entails an analysis of spatiotemporal-distributed data that can be applied to ascertain areas with significant differences in risk, identify likely recurrent behaviors among individuals, and recommend significant interventions to the COVID-19 in a particular geographical location. this sample provided essential information in applying the SPATIOTEMPORAL-DISTRIBUTED DATA in response to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in specific geographical areas as being witnessed in the world currently. note that the format in the spa the seventh edition (APA 7, WHICH LOOKS SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT FROM THE NORMAL APA 6 IN THE PAGE NUMBERING, COVER PAGE AND REFERENCES SECTION) AS PROVIDED AT


Spatiotemporal Data and the Covid-19 Pandemic
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Spatiotemporal Data and the Covid-19 Pandemic
Analysis of public behavior is essential during emergencies. Nonetheless, collecting relevant information can be challenging, particularly with regards to costs and getting significant data for analysis. An increasing number of Location-based Social Network services offers timely, geo-located information that can be used to address the rising challenges, for instance, the current patters of the covid-19 pandemic that has hit the entire world in a given geographical location. Spatiotemporal data can enhance the situational responsiveness of local occurrences and improve both the preparation and investigation of an adversity. Therefore, with regards to the class topic, we can expand the research methodology and results on the analysis of spatiotemporal-distributed mobile data and recommend significant interventions to the covid-19 in particular geographical locations.
The covid-19 is believed to be a family of viruses with effects ranging from common cold to austere illness. The first three patients to have contracted the virus complained of acute respiratory illness in Wuhan, China. Initially, medics thought they were suffering from pneumonia. According to the tests conducted, the genetic analysis showed that they were infected by a novel coronavirus that is closely related to SARS-CoV (ECDC, 2020).

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