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The Knowledge on Restaurant Industry. The Impacts and Job Creation in the Sector (Research Paper Sample)




Overview of the Field
Several studies and research have been done relating to the number of times that Americans visit food or a drinks restaurants after work. Reports about the same were publicized in the year 2011 and showed that 50% of Americans visited restaurant in about one to two times in every week with a proportion of about 20% taking foods and drinks in more than two times (Rutherford, 2002). Because of the increasing frequency of consumers’ interests on the restaurant foods, food industry has consequently become busiest and fastest growing productive industry in United States. Report on the same has been publicized by National Restaurant Association and indicated that about 49% of people income is budgeted on food expenditure (Hotel management, 2011). This improvement has brought about considerable positive effect on the country economy. In addition to the increased sales and the growth of restaurant business, there has been a considerable improvement on average number of jobs that are being created in every fiscal year. The industry is in fact offering several job opportunities. This is because the industry utilizes people with low qualifications such as hosts and hostess. This has given out the reasdon as to why the industry has been attracting many people from other sectors. Research has indicated that about 50 percent of the people have been involved in restaurant business either for a short period of time. Research has indicated that people who have been involved in the business were either self-employed or they were employed (Rutherford, 2002). Some Americans are seeing the industry as on the means of economic transition and therefore they consider the job as a kind of temporally business. Most having prospect of coming up with a more important and official business or job.
Despite of this, some Americans consider restaurant business are their career and they are not willing to leave out the job for other business ventures. Even though food industry does not necessarily need formal certifications for employment, many of the workers who venture into this business pocess higher educational levels. A research to investigate workers who are 25 and above years of age confirmed that about 20% of the employee in the industry have less than a high school education, 38% have graduate degree, also about 27% have associate degree, and 27% of the employee possess either bachelor's degree or higher (The Aspen Institute, 2012). The research shows that the restaurant, industry is in fact accommodating all type of people irrespective of the education background. The industry become famous and has attracted many people from different background. Restaurant industry wages comprise highest concentration of workers who earn at below or minimum wage (Taiwan, 2000). The wages in the restaurant and food services fall below the national average. A good number of restaurant workers are employed on a part-time basis. This trend of working on a part-time basis makes the wages in the field unpredictable. The disparity of wages in the restaurant is contributed to a large part by the low qualifications at the entry level. However, individuals who have pursued careers in the restaurant industry often find themselves in higher rankings and consequently better wages (Taiwan, 2000). This industry is, therefore, an attractive one for career students. Additionally, the industry also gives individuals an opportunity to serve individual from diverse backgrounds, hence, exposing the workers to a learning environment.
The increasing popularity and growth of the hotel industry make it viable an attractive career for professionals. Despite the low wages in the hotel industry, professionals reap big from this career. The expected income averages $12 per hour, but the salary differs according to the specialty of a person (New York State Restaurant Association, 2014). Some of the specialties include cooks, hosts, hostess, management and accounts, among others. A restaurant includes several people working in coordination to achieve similar objectives. The disparity in wages is realized only because the industry consists of a large number of people who are less qualified. Students pursuing a career in the restaurant will often undergo training on hospitality management and will acquire skills necessary to manage a business through participation in other courses offered in this discipline (Rutherford, 2002). These students will, thus, endeavor to start their businesses at some point in time. Owners of restaurants are reaping big from this business. The increasing trend in consumption and the rise of the population is an assurance that the industry will continue performing better in the near future (Hotel management, 2011). The increasing domestic and global tourism make the sector one of the most promising in the economy. The upsurge in international cuisines in the economy, as well as the growing multi-ethnic community in the country, makes the restaurant business a major boom for investors. The existence of full-time jobs in the country makes the population consume from restaurants as they have less time to cook in their homes. The expectations are that the restaurant industry has a promising career and is expected to continue to have an increasing performance.
Research and Writing
The paper uses secondary data in order to get the important information related to the hotel industry. The secondary data involves information that has been critically analyzed and compared the trends in the international arena. The analysis objective was to determine the functionality of the restaurant industry and its effectiveness in the economy. In the hotel industry, there are several opportunities that are opening up for building competitive benefits. However, knowledge for applying in the business environment is analyzed and information provided for prospective restaurant entrants into the industry. The research also analyzed ethnic restaurants in the country due to its significant on the growth of the industry. The establishment of the international cuisines has been due to the emergence of ethnic restaurants in the country. This has increased the opportunity for people to venture into the business. Consideration of the different tastes and preferences is essential in ensuring there is perfect product development in the industry. The attractiveness and the competitiveness of one joint compared to another depend on the capacity of the joint to present its products and services superior to the competitor. As such, analysis of the quality of services is essential in determining the extent of the performance of the industry (The Aspen Institute, 2012).
An article by the Aspen Institute on the restaurant workforce in the United States offers a critical insight into the present study. An analysis of this article reveals several things such as the salaries for the employees and the industry at large. Issues to do with professional expectations of the employees have also been analyzed as well as the expectations of the industry. Of critical importance is the business environment of the industry and its attractiveness to both domestic and international guests. An article by the New York State Restaurant Association provides tips for people wishing to invest in the field of the restaurant. These tips are an essential consideration in the hotel industry and offer special insights for this study. The article considers several aspects of the industry and offers a general view of the same (New York State Restaurant Association, 2014).
Argumentation and Personal Conclusions
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