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Interior Architecture: Architectural Designs of Ancient Buildings (Research Paper Sample)


The task required an explanation of the architectural designs of ancient buildings


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History of Interior Architecture
Architecture is among the delicate and living arts. It does not come as a surprise that architects have been trained to create beautiful drawings and scale models. When architecture became a profession, the primary objective was to differentiate architects from ordinary builders. Buildings became grandiloquent, and windows were built in such pompous fenestrations. All objects that have been designed, whether by graphic designers or architects, have a story to tell. Some of these stories can be discerned very quickly, while others might need careful considerations and a thorough thought process.
Architects have used building imagery to communicate their craft, and as a result, many styles of architecture have emerged throughout history. Buildings age with time and become obsolete; however, aging and mortality keep them alive. Some buildings tell us achievements, technological advancement, beliefs, and developments that have taken place in years. One can design a built form by creating a timeline and highlighting critical incidents from a story. To illustrate this, the Jewish Museum in Germany has the events and timelines of grim tales of the holocaust, which are translated into abstract elements vital to the design process. The corridors of the Jewish Museum are dark and have metal pieces on the floor representing the cries of the people as they take a journey to the gas chambers during the holocaust,
Storytelling in architecture can be accomplished in two ways. The first method is where the spaces are designed according to a narrative. When one is getting a space designed by an architect, the user groups and the daily activities help establish personalization to give remarkable results. The other way would be the user groups have a vital role in being part of the storyline and learn about the story as time goes by. For example, in museums, the hallways’ sequence and patterns and the artifacts take one through a journey while revealing the story.
When stories develop through architecture, each built form has a story to tell to every individual who comes across them. Architects have the task of breaking this story down by translating it into spatial and design elements that they put together for the user to comprehend and take hold of. Apart from telling a narrative, every designed object has a story of its beginning, inception, and evolution, but these stories go untold most of the time. Since time immemorial, the most common and successful forms of communication were through storytelling.

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