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Oreo Marketing Mix Business & Marketing Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The task was about Oreo Marketing Mix and the sample is al about oreo's 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) marketing mix


Oreo Marketing Mix
Name Student's
Oreo Marketing Mix
Marketing Mix
* Product (adaptation/modification, components, packaging, service, etc)
For over 100 years, Oreo cookies have always been round, black, and white in color with an intensely sweet taste. However, sometimes the most iconic and best-selling product has to adapt. It is until mid-1990s that Oreo was largely focused on the US market. Because the dominant US market turned out to have a limited opportunity growth, Kraft-Oreo turned to the international market. It is at this stage that Oreo products were launched in China in 1996. However, due to the indifference of consumer taste and preference in china, India, Venezuela, and so forth, Kraft had to indulge itself in value proposition adaptation deals to ensure that Oreo products are altered and modified in terms of quality and appearance as well as its components, including packaging and style of all products. In China for instance, there was an essence of too much contrast between bitter cookies and sweet cream. Such indifference altered consumer preference and taste. That is why Kraft had to rethink of how to make the product pleasant within the existing market. Therefore, the company made Oreo cookies less sugary which responded well to the consumers taste, desires, and preferences.[Mriadoss, B. J. (2020, February 13). 8.3 product adaptation decisions – Core principles of international marketing. Open Text WSU – Simple Book Publishing.]

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