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Conceptual Framework questions and answers Education Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Conceptual Framework questions and answers


Conceptual Framework Questions and Answers
Conceptual Framework questions and answers
The degree can research within social science be considered scientific
Social science can be described as knowledge of man and his society and how they relate to its institutions; these include subjects such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, and political science. It is argued that scientific research involves a systematic and disciplined method to acquire and analyze knowledge from various sources. Many scientists such as Gareau had of the opinion that society and the institutions that relate to social science study and methods that are usually used in natural science cannot be used in social research. He indicated that there was no relationship between social and scientific. Science research can be described as acquiring systematic knowledge via experimentation and logical deductions that are gotten from the result of the observed phenomenon.[Clauser, Jerome. An introduction to intelligence research and analysis. No. 3. Scarecrow Press, 2008.]

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