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The History of America Between 1782 to 1865. History Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The task and sample was about the role of slavery in introducing mistakes in the union, the role of farmer crop growing in creating industrial revolution, and the reason for the civil war and Abraham LINCOLN'S work in unifying the north. the paper also touched on the writing of the united states constitution.


The History of America Between 1782 to 1865
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Answer to Question 1:
Role of Slavery in Introducing New States into the Union
Slavery played a significant role in the introduction of new states into the Union. For instance, following months of bitter debates, the Congress did pass the Missouri Compromise bill that provided a temporary resolution to the first grave political war between slavery and antislavery interests in the history of the United States. The New York Representative, James Tallmadge did introduce a bill in February 1819 with the aim of admitting Missouri into the Union as a state in which slavery is banned. During this time, there were ten slave states and eleven free states. The Southern Congressmen feared that the entry of Missouri into the Union as a free state would distraught the power balance between the Sout and the North, because the North the population of the North outdid that of the South and as a result, so did the United States representatives. The bill opponents went ahead to question precedent of the Congress of banning slavery expansion into the region in which there is favor of slavery.

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