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Theology Research and Analysis Paper of Psalms 24 (Research Paper Sample)


This report is all about the book of psalms 24 it gives a clear background of the psalm and states the writer as David who was a king in Judah and Israel in the early 1020 B.C to 970B.C.


Analysis of Psalms 24
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This report is all about the book of psalms 24 it gives a clear background of the psalm and states the writer as David who was a king in Judah and Israel in the early 1020 B.C to 970B.C. David wrote the psalm in the influence of the spirit of God that guided him the audience of this psalms were the Judahites and Israelite. This psalm was considered by Jew writers to have been written when David brought the ark of covenant to the city of David. This paper also outlines the psalm as it states Gods nature by stating that the earth and everything in it belong to him, it states the LORD founded everything on the earth, the LORD is the savior of the world and that He should be worshiped by all the people on earth who have a pure in thoughts and spirit.
Those who have the right to enter his temple are the ones who don’t worship idols and will obtain his blessings. It also gives explanation of key term used in the psalms like everlasting door which is a translation of the Hebrew terms pethach which means a door and olam which means long-lasting. Also o gates derived from the Hebrew term shaar which means gate. The explanation of parallelisms is given as various Hebrew parallelisms are explained further like the parallelisms of specification or the parallelism of intensification with alteration. The explanation of figures and speech and other rhetorical devices are given like who is the king of glory? The explanation of the possible messianic connection to the psalms is also given below and the purpose of the psalm is stated below.
The Psalms Background King David is identified in the bible as the writer of these psalms. David ruled as king from 1020B.C. to 970B.C. He ruled in Judah alone in the beginning of his kingship he then ruled as king in the entire Israel. The birth and death of King David are not known hence it’s not known when this psalm was written. We can say that this psalm was written in 1000 B.C. since it’s when David ruled and king. The audience of this Psalms at the instant it was written were the Judahites and Israelites. The Israelites are stated as the tribal group alleging descent from Isaac and Abraham. The Israelites were the chosen tribe by God to receive its revelation and whom God choose to make a contract. Judahites are stated as members of the kingdom of Judah and one of the tribe of Judah. The psalms were used in group worships when the psalms were written as they are used today.
The psalms is considered by the Jewish writers to be written at the time when the ark of covenant was delivered to the city of David from the house of obededom and placed in the place David had made for it Psalms 24:7. David also build an alter in Araunah the Jebusite and knew that the sanctuary was to be build in Moriah which were referred to as the hill of the lord and the lord holy place ps24:3. David is described to have writing the verse under the inspiration of God’s spirit and is a prophesy of the gospel, the church and Christ. Christ who is the lord made the world and can claim it all He is spoken of in the above psalm under the personality of a shepherd.
The Psalm outline
1 Introduction: How is God Like?
* God is the king of Glory psalms 24:1-10
* Adoration of the Creator by watching his creation psalms 24:1-2 which states;
* The earth belongs to the lord psalms24:1
* The LORD own the entire world with everything in it psalms 24:1
* Everything which lives are in the earth belongs to the lord (He owns it all) Psalms24:1
2 The LORD has founded the earth Psalms 24:2 He has build it on the deep waters beneath the earth Psalms 24:2
3 He is pure than any other Psalms 24:3 who may enter his holy temple? Psalms 24:3
* The beneficiary of the LORD’S blessings Psalms 24:3-6
* He is the savior of all who worship Him Psalms 24:3
* Who has the right to go up the LORD’S hill
* Who will enter His holy place
4 Who will obtain His blessings? Psalms 24:4
* Those with pure thoughts and hearts.
* Those who don’t offer false promises or worship idols.
5 Obtaining blessings from the LORD Psalms 24:5
6 God’s People and the people come to the presence of the God of Jacob Psalms24:6
7 Respect the King of glory Psalms 24:7-10
* Open the olden doors and gates so that the great king can enter Psalms 7-10
8 Who is the great King? Psalms 24:8-10
9 The LORD is the great King Psalms 24:9-10
Key terms explained 1.Everlasting Door Psalms24:7-9 this is translated from the Hebrew word olam and pethach. Pethach means a door entrance while olam means age long-lasting or age.
2. Gates Psalms24:7-9 which a translation of the Hebrew word shaar which means a gate.
3. The LORD of hosts Psalms 24:10 this is translated from the Hebrew words Tsaba and Yahweh. The word Tsaba means service or warfare while Yahweh means He who is God.
4. King of Glory Psalms 24:7, 8, 9, 10 is a translation of the Hebrew words Kabod and melek. The word kabod means heaviness, honor or weight while melek means counselor or king.
Parallelisms Explained God is supreme and great this Psalm is given the title of Psalm of David people are in the thought that this Psalm was written in the incident of the ark of covenant entrance into Jerusalem when David was the king(2 Samuel 6)
* The LORD owns the earth David was a successful, dignified but he come from unimportant and small kingdom. People might assume since the kingdoms of Assyrians and Egyptian were big they had great gods. David was aware that Yahweh, the God of the covenant, God of Israel was the LORD of the entire world.
* The earth and all its fullness belong to the LORD David in the Psalms said that the whole world and all its fullness belong to God.
* The earth’s fullness refers to its yield, its life, its worship and its wealth. The Most High God owns all these things. The earth is occupied with God since He prepared it complete and keeps it complete.
The world and individuals who reside within: The earth and the people who live in it belong to God. God possesses the right to claim everyone who has ever lived on earth.
The ground of God as the creator God has created the world upon the seas and founded it upon the water.
* The earth has been established upon seas: the earth and those who live in it rightfully belong to God since He formed both them and it.
* The earth was founded upon waters: David was aware of the fact that the water in the earth dominated the w...
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