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Justification By Faith: Romans Religion & Theology Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The purpose of this paper was to exegete the salient passages from the book of Romans concerning justification by faith alone.


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Justification by Faith in Romans
Many Christians tend to think that it is their birthright for them to be saved. They think simply because they attend church services to praise and worship God every Sunday, this makes them holy. Additionally, the modern Christian thinks by giving offering and tithes as well as helping the needy in the society guarantees them an automatic entry into heaven. The goal of every born again believer is to attain eternal life and reign with our Lord Jesus Christ. However, salvation is not achieved by works rather by faith. Paul in the Book of Romans introduces this concept and links it to the Old Testament. In the book of Romans, Paul develops and reveals the theme of justification by faith through Jesus Christ, by explaining that justification has always been present throughout the whole Bible, even in the Old Testament, since it has always been God’s plan for redeeming his people from sin. The purpose of this paper is to exegete the salient passages from the book of Romans concerning justification by faith alone.[Patrick Nullens. Luther and Bonhoeffer on the Social Ethical Meaning of Justification by Faith Alone. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2018.] [Colin G. Kruse. Paul’s Letter to the Romans. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Eerdmans, 2012. 81-87.] [Frank J. Matera. Romans. Baker Academic, 2011.]

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