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Wealth Social Sciences Research Paper Coursework Essay (Research Paper Sample)


explaining about accumulation of wealth in the globe.


The Accumulation of Wealth is Necessary for Human Flourishing. Do you agree? Explain.
Human flourishing is that effort a person puts in order to achieve self-actualization and life fulfillment within the context of the society4. In the society, each person has the right to pursue his or her own dreams by putting such efforts. Aristotle explains that human flourishing occurs when an individual is doing what he or she ought to be doing and also doing what they have wanted to do. Flourishing is one of the highest good in human endeavors and most people do their actions aiming at flourishing. Human flourishing is a success on its own. Human beings do not need to accumulate wealth in order to flourish. The need to accumulate wealth in order to flourish is a topic that has been debated throughout the entire history of both political and moral philosophies. Human flourishing doesn't depend on how much wealth a person has accumulated, hence, I disagree with the statement that the accumulation of wealth is necessary for human flourishing.
Aristotle clearly explains three particular types of life in human flourishing2. They include lives of gratification, politics, and contemplation. He describes that most individuals try to seek one thing first and that is happiness or eudaimonia. Life of activity and contemplation can help in satisfying human purpose and it helps in making them achieve happiness. Thinkers have disagreed on what human flourishing is because this concept means different to different people. There are various conceptions on what kind of a thing flourishing is. Even when most people agree what kind of a thing it is, there are many subspecies in the topic making it confusing. It’s hard to categorize human flourishing has happiness because happiness is also a complicated concept with varied meanings. Hence, human flourishing can be simplified as living well or doing well in life depending on an individual’s definition of this concept.

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