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1929 Wall Street Crash. Accounting, Finance, SPSS Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Prepare a 1,000-word analysis on the following topic
Topic: Critically analyze any of the following historical financial crises, with major emphasis on its causes, effect, and lessons learnt.
• 1929 Wall Street Crash
The manner in which you structure your analysis is totally dependent on you, and it should not exceed 1,000 words (excluding abstract, references, bibliography, appendix, and table of contents).
As a guide,
• You should make use of relevant graphs, tables and data in conducting your analysis
• Your work must be fully referenced in the Harvard referencing style
• Your work must include an abstract, introduction, body and conclusion. Extra
calculations or information that are somewhat relevant to the analysis, but not directly
related, should be included in the appendix.
• You must refer to recently published academic journals, newspaper articles,
economic data, books and market reports (Mintel, KeyNote e.t.c) when conducting
your research
• Your analysis should be written up to at least a 65% standard.
The analysis would be assessing the following,
• Your research skills
• Your written English skills
• Your ability to conduct analysis on non readily available data, and write concise but high quality reports and analysis
• Your knowledge of analytical frameworks in business and finance
• Your ability to write structured and accurate reports and analysis, especially when detailed assessment guidelines are not provided.


July 2017
The securities crash that started in October 1929 resulted from systemic failures that allowed for high-risk mass share ownership, significant margin trading, market manipulation, and lobbying that prevented government supervision. The crash lead to a loss of personal wealth and bankruptcies, bank collapses, and a liquidity crisis that would elicit mass business failure and culminate in the Great Depression. In response, private and public sector interventions led to establishment of strict securities regulation.
Prior to the October 1929 Wall Street crash, the stock market enjoyed several years of steady growth in prices. However, on October 23, 1929, 2.5 million shares were sold during last hours trading, triggering panic selling that would accelerate the following day and over the course of the week. ctor arran

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