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The Most Costly Hurricane Harvey On A Logistics Point Of View (Research Paper Sample)


hurricane harvey on a logistics point of view


Hurricane Harvey
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Hurricane Harvey occurred in 2017 and was referred to be the most costly Hurricane to have ever occurred in the United States. This essay seeks to highlight some of the impacts of Hurricane Harvey in terms of logistics and how these effects can be mitigated and dealt with after an event of occurrence of such catastrophes.
Harvey had several impacts on the logistics in the areas that this Hurricane hit and even beyond. The major impact of the hurricane on logistics was transportation. The hurricane was so heavy such that streets were flooded, one bridge collapsed, hence transport of goods became impossible. It is also evident that the hurricane led to suspension of various rail services hence having a great impact on transportation by railway. Some companies also had to suspend their delivery services due to flooded roads. Things became the same in airports and even seaports as customers and even cargo were left stranded until the storm subsided. The sto

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