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Media Convergence Communications & Media Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


We are required to write about the current debate in media studies


Task Two (Research Practice): Literature Review
“What is a current debate in Media Studies?”
Topic: Media Convergence Issues in the Current Media Studies
Convergence is an ambiguous term employed in various disciplines to describe change processes geared towards harmonization, unionification or uniformity. Of late, this term has been applied in the media and communication sector as a way of encompassing insights and approaches that describe, comprehend, and characterize the digital creative economy. In essence, the common subjects and sub-sectors between the digital creative and communication industries including publishing, film, broadcasting, games and even advertising are significantly growing thanks to convergence. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the aspect of media convergence as one of the notable subjects in the current debates in media studies.
Literature review
The development of technology, World Wide Web and internet has facilitated the development of the newest form of journalism, commonly known as cyber or online journalism. Furthermore, this development has instigated the revolutions on how journalism is practiced and even in media studies and trainings. Media convergence is one of the most notable phenomena that have resulted from this development (Budde, 2015). A good example is the newspaper and news websites which now includes slideshows, blogs, podcasts, and video. Accordingly, today’s journalists are faced with new challenges considering that they have to 

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