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Leadership and Management Development (Research Paper Sample)


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Dear Writer 428730,
i want writer 428730.
this should be done all over again, do not fix the previous, please do it from the beginning.
i did submit this assignment twice and i did not pass in both. Kindly review carefully the assessment of my previous assignment as the tuter has gave me a comment that was not followed by the writers in the second time. Kindly focus on what i wrote below. this the last chance for me to pass. Kindly review the class materials and learning outcomes. Please note that this is my last chance.
i want 3000 + 10% or _10% word about a Leadership & Management Development. Please note that i need to write about my company please refer to the company with ABC company. i need to cover all the LOUs and Summative assessment. Please make sure to write about Goals of my organisation, challenges, growing of my organisation. Add analysis from SWAT & STEEBL in the body of the assignment and in the appendix but all the tablesof this analyses. Also, the assignment should have information about the company structure to help show the leadership and management. Also, they need to show the size of the company. Also, write about the trends of the leadership and management development such as COVID-19 trends and things related to mental health. Also show the leadership models that the company is following and what is required to develop this and improve and what the problem on this. this is just an idea that the teacher told me about as i did thisassignment and i did not pass. i will attache her previous report to show you the comments but i need to do this assignment all over again.i paid twice but i failed on both times. Please do not mention a company name as the teacher would assume this is my employer and refer itthis company as ABC company. Please i need appendix with all the tables that has the SWAT and STEEPLE analyses but the analyses should be in the body of the report. The reference should be Harvard Style and i want about 14 references. Please note my teacher comment on my previous assignment that i failed. Please put the word count in the report and note that the appendix should not be part of the 3000 words. You should put in the appendix full plan for implementation and the words will not be counted from the 3000 words. Also i need an introduction and make sure to mention the objectives.
Also i need table of content.


Leadership and Management Development
Executive Summary
Leadership management development LMD boosts employees’ productivity and determines the overall success of a business. LMD is a strategic activity that if well-designed can significantly help organizations to improve the quality of their strategic management by directly linking management development and competitive advantage. Consequently, well-designed leadership management development ensures managers can develop strategic solutions that fit the specific company’s situation as well as make high-quality decisions that can be effectively implemented across all levels of an organization. Besides, leadership management competencies are essential in fostering and implementing change and help organizations to define and redefine their performance. As a result, the LMD report encompasses a justified evaluation of current leadership and management development in the ABC model company in Saudi Arabia, hence drawing important recommendations on improvements as well as providing a detailed implementation plan.
Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1.Introduction PAGEREF _Toc108595930 \h 32.Findings, Analysis and Discussion PAGEREF _Toc108595931 \h 52.1Approaches to Leadership and Management PAGEREF _Toc108595932 \h 52.2Models of Leadership/ Styles of Leadership Management PAGEREF _Toc108595933 \h 72.2.1Transformational Leadership Style PAGEREF _Toc108595934 \h 72.2.2Ethical Leadership Style PAGEREF _Toc108595935 \h 82.3Concepts of Leadership and Management PAGEREF _Toc108595936 \h 82.3.1Ethics and Governance PAGEREF _Toc108595937 \h 92.3.2Sustainability Governance PAGEREF _Toc108595938 \h 92.3.3Governance and Information Technology PAGEREF _Toc108595939 \h 113.Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc108595940 \h 124.Recommendations and Implementation PAGEREF _Toc108595941 \h 134.1Implementation Plan PAGEREF _Toc108595942 \h 14Appendices PAGEREF _Toc108595943 \h 19Appendix 1: SWOT Analysis PAGEREF _Toc108595944 \h 19Appendix 2: STEEPLE Analysis PAGEREF _Toc108595945 \h 21
1 Introduction
ABC is a private sector, oil, and gas company operating in Saudi Arabia. The Company is among the leading producers of energy and chemical products that drive national and external commerce and enhance people’s daily lives. Its main goal is to be a leading producer of oil and gas products in Saudi Arabia and across the world that leverages the advantages of technological advances and gains competitive advantage by addressing political, social, legal, and economic factors affecting business operations. The Company is prioritizing effective leadership management development activities to not only benefit from improved strategic management but also make it better equipped in competing and surviving in the highly competitive global business environment. The strategy is in line with (Harrison, 2017)’s observations that well-designed management development processes have a powerful contribution to the improvement of the quality of an organization’s management. Besides, the Company aims at developing a highly competitive workforce that is knowledgeable and skilled in modern industrial and technological trends to realize its goals and core objectives. On the other hand, the company is facing challenges related to the rising global demand for oil products, high volatile prices, and increasingly stringent environmental regulations, which require it to reduce its fuel products, optimize its performance and improve its environmental footprint. Furthermore, the Company has not yet fully recovered from the losses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
The Company’s comprehensive corporate governance structure shapes its operations, guides its actions, and ensures that it upholds the highest professional and ethical standards. Its corporate governance structure is primarily made of the board of directors headed by the CEO alongside the corporate management team that embodies the company’s high-performance culture and upholds corporate values, leading to the attainment of its core business objectives. At the core of its functions, the governance structure ensures that the company achieves its goals and high business standards by adhering to the highest personal and professional standards and ethics. The Company’s sustainability governance is powerfully linked to the concept of resilience and involves the creation of lasting social, economic and environmental values. Although it is a growing company, it employs over 1000 employees working in various convenient stores located in different regions of the country. In addition to its decentralized headquarters headed by the CEO alongside the HR manager and Finance manager among other board members, the Company has several convenience stores headed by a manager and two assistant managers each. Therefore, its large workforce and various branches countrywide need a high level of cooperation and efficiency to benefit from the LMD provision.
On the other hand, the Saudi Arabian oil market is highly competitive with several companies of similar and larger operational sizes selling similar oil and gas products such as Saud Aramco, Tasnee Petrochemical, and Petro Rabigh Companies. Besides, the irregularities and uncertainties in the prices of oil products and stringent environmental regulations pose significant challenges to ABC Company. However, the Company’s younger and tech-savvy employees as well as the Company’s devotion to supporting the newest technological innovations present the Company with valuable opportunities. The Company’s strengths include, a vast workforce, dealing with a wide variety of oil and gas products, and operating in a wide variety of activities related to oil processing, marketing, and transportation (Refer to Appendix 1: for comprehensive SWOT Analysis). On the other hand, the STEEPLE analysis helps organizations to perform strategic business planning, marketing planning, and product development as well as evaluating organizational change and investment opportunities (Grishko et al., 2020). The social factors that may impact the Company’s operations include demographic trends and consumer beliefs, lifestyle trends, and attitudes around working conditions while economic factors include inflation and change in exchange rates, which may be altered by disruptions such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Besides, the technological advances require the company to automate its processes, improve its technological infrastructure and cyber security and take advantage of business intelligence tools and capabilities. The environmental factors relate to the concerns of climate change and extreme weather changes impacts that require the Company to be environmentally conscious while ensuring profitability. Lastly, the legal and political factors include the various industry regulations related to public law and guidelines, such as corporate taxation, permits, and licenses for operation and employment, and consumer protection laws (Refer to Appendix 2: for detailed STEEPLE Analysis). Generally, the research report aims at providing; a detailed and justified evaluation of ABC Company’s current leadership and management development, suggesting recommendations for improvements, and includes a detailed implementation plan of the recommendations.

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