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Question: How does personality affect relationship success - The research area you will be using is Humanistic/Existential approaches to personality. (Research Paper Sample)


write about personality affect relationship success - base your research on Humanistic/Existential approaches to personality. include surname of the author, year, and page number.


How Personality Affects Relationship Success (Humanistic/Existential Approach)
Individuals are surrounded by others in their entire life. This proximity, whether geographical or otherwise, develop interactions that result in highly dynamic and complex network of relationships (Bono & Purvanova, 2016, 1). A number of these relationships’ aspects are influenced by an individual’s personality characteristics and these characteristics are sequentially influenced by an individual’s network of relationships. In a dynamic interplay, these relationships are potent in enhancing an individual’s wellbeing in terms of their health and self-consciousness or even adversely affect them based on the role played by the personality traits as regards the selection and maintenance of these social relationships. Where the relationships of an individual positively affect their wellbeing and personality interplay, the relationship is successful as far as the individual is concerned, and the opposite is true (Bono & Purvanova, 2016, 2). This paper widely describes some of the principal concepts regarding the humanistic and existentialism approaches and defines the application of these concepts in ascertaining how successful a relationship can be. As will be evident, humanistic/existentialism interaction is evidently the most impactful way that personality affects the success of relationships.
The humanistic/existentialism approaches to personality share a common belief regarding the capacity of individuals for choice and self-awareness (Carveth, 2017, 485). The perspectives regard the way in which individuals can live their lives in a more conscious manner. These perspectives explores the unfolding discovery process of oneself, and assumes that individuals are responsible for how they want to exist in their societies and the world in general, together with how they respond to the prevailing conditions in their lives. 

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