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Rotating Systems, Calculating The Force Research Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


centripetal and centrifugal forces.
the importance of balancing
static and dynamic balance


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Rotating Systems
The movement of a static body in which all its constituent parts move in a circle fixed axis and at an angular velocity is said to be in a circular motion. A body in a circular motion is held on a fixed position by two forces namely centripetal and centrifugal force (Arons and Redish, 2012). Centripetal force is defined as the force that directs an object towards the center of a circular path and maintains it on the path. Centripetal force is determined by; mass of the object, the distance between the object and the centre of the path and the speed of the object. This force is calculated by taking into consideration some three factors which include; mass, distance and velocity. It is measured in Newton. Thus the formula for calculating the force is F= mv2/r. One of the major applications of centripetal force is the calculation of earth’s orbit of a satellite (Arons and Redish, 2012, p 362).
Centrifugal force on the other hand is viewed as the force that causes an object moving in a circular motion to drift away from the point of rotation. Centrifugal force can be maximized by; increasing the radius between the center of the path and the object, increasing the mass of the body as well as the rotation speed (Erlichson, 2011). When the mass or the radius is increased centrifugal force also tend to increase in an equal measure. On the contrary when the rotation speed is increased centrifugal force equals to the square of the speed. The formula for calculating centrifugal force is Fc = mv2/r, where Fc = centrifugal force, m = mass, v = speed, and r = radius (Erlichson, 2011).
When an object is at equilibrium both the action and the reaction forces equals zero. The balance of an object is determined by its Centre of Gravity. Centre of gravity is the point at which the weight of an object is evenly distributed. The balancing of an object especially in rotating object is essential in preventing vibration such that there is reduced noise and disturbance. Vibration of heavy machineries can lead to breakdown of machines.
Balancing is important in visual development and for developing animations so as to make an object and the characters balanced. Similarly balancing is important in ensuring equilibrium of the moving objects that sometimes have to be off and in of balance depending on their movement (Almasy, 2013). Balancing ensure stability of an object thus preventing it from falling. Other reasons why it is necessary to maintain balance of the moving are such as; minimizing of energy consumption while increasing efficiency of a machine, prevent the vibrating parts from wearing off hence increasing longevity of a machine and wearing of bearings.
In rotating systems, unnecessary noises and vibrations are minimized through balancing of forces. There are two types of balancing; static and dynamic balance. Static balancing happens when the centre of gravity of an object is fixed on the axis of rotation. In addition static balancing only happens when the body being balanced is at rest (Almasy, 2013). Normally static balancing is done on immobile objects or parts of an object with a larger diameter than the axial length. In order to determine the state of a static object it is necessary to identify the different forces acting on it. Usually there are three forces acting on an object placed at a particular point on string. If for instance the object is balanced the net force acting on it is zero. Similarly the resultant force is also zero.
On the other hand dynamic balancing is mostly applied on those parts that are longer than their diameter, for example rotor assemblies...
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