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Clinical Decision Making Process (Research Paper Sample)


Reflect on a clinical decision making process you were involved in. Evaluate it effectiveness and if necessary make recommendation about how you would improve on the decision making in the same case in the future.

Issue Description
Working jointly with my mentor, we were alerted to attend to a fifty year old patient who called for an ambulance complaining of severe chest pain. We found the patient seated eschew across the couch, drenched in sweat and in great distress. Drawing from the medical history of the patient, we learned that he had picked a hard-hitting row with his wife as he moved furniture from one location in the house to another, and then collapsed. Moreover, the client had been under medication for Stable Angina and hypertension. Upon examination of his blood pressure it was 170/100, his heart rate was 120 whilst his respiration recorded 24, his chest was clear on both sides and his GCS was at 15.
We carried out a pulse Oximetry, with an ECG monitoring level at SaO2 92% and an ECG of Sinus tachycardia with St Depressants. The patient complained of intense pain on his middle chest. In a scale of 10, his pain rated at seven before we arrived at the scene, but after a while the pain abated to rate at 4 in a scale of ten. After carrying out the resting 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) the patient did not show St Elevation
Thinking Process Analysis
During the onset of the various assessments carried out on the patient we deduced that he was suffering form unstable angina. He complained of chest pain and certain tightness on which gave him a heavy crushing feeling on the chest making his breathing difficult. The patient was diagnosed with unstable angina given that he presented stable chest pain. Unlike unstable angina, stable angina can be diagnosed through clinical assessment alone or clinical assessment in addition to diagnostic testing (NICE, 2010 p.7). Thus the diagnosis of stable angina would have required two tests namely anatomical testing for obstructive coronary artery disease (CAD) and functional...
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