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E-Health Strategy for Ireland (Research Paper Sample)

write a research paper on the e-health strategy adapted by ireland country. provide its benefits and shortcomings. source..
E-HEALTH STRATEGY Student’s Name Course Code and Name Instructor Institution and Location Due Date E-Health Strategy for Ireland E-Health Introduction and Development Electronic Health also known as e-Health is a system based on information technology to provide information about patients, healthcare providers and other healthcare delivery system information through the internet (Health Information and Quality Authority, 2011, p. 2). With this system, any required information is accessible anywhere making it possible for patients to get medical services easily from anywhere. Like many other developed countries, Ireland has adapted e-Health which has been integrated with the traditional system to facilitate detailed information about healthcare providers and patients’ information for the purposes of efficient and effective service provision, optimum utilization of resources, reforming of the healthcare delivery and financial structures among other benefits (An Roinn Slainte Department of Health , 2012, p. 6). The strategy was well planed with clear identification of sources of funds and other resources, as well as proper engagement of potential stakeholders and prioritization of important aspects of the e-Health project. The Benefits of e-Health E-Health is aimed at timely services by ensuring that patients are provided with services at the point of need (Craig, 2015, p. 1). As such, the system makes it convenient for the public to access efficient services anywhere. The system is also transparent and provides safe and high quality healthcare services to the public. E-Health provide multiple benefits not only to the healthcare sector, but opens up opportunities for other sectors including the Information Technology sector by providing job opportunities to different people and improvement of the country’s economy (Reding, 2007, pp. 8-10). By strategically reforming the healthcare delivery policies, Ireland’s citizens can easily access services from other countries that are members of European Union since all the information required is accessible from the healthcare database. Challenges Facing e-Health Due to the changes facilitated by technology, the healthcare delivery system is required to provide services that are relevant and up to date with technology. As such, implementation of the system requires systems that are flexible to technology changes in the future. The traditional healthcare delivery policies of Ireland require adverse changes in order for the new system to be effective (An Roinn Slainte Department of Health , 2012, p. 4). As such, a lot of research and resources is required to make this possible. In addition, demand for complex healthcare services have to be considered for efficient service delivery by the e-Health system and require professionals who can deliver the services through the systems (Passarani, 2013, pp. 3-5). Another challenge is the privacy of patient information available in the system. Without proper control of information, patient confidentiality may be compromised (Liveri, et al., 2015, pp. 23-32). References An Roinn Slainte Department of Health , 2012. E-Health Strategy for Ireland. European Union E-Health Action Plan 2012-2020, pp. 2-76. Craig, S., 2015. Health Information in Ireland: A Socio-technical Analysis. [Online] Available at: /t4cms/Health-Information-in-Ireland.pdf [Accessed 16 April 20...
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