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EVALUATION OF SEED COTTON. Life Sciences Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The paper talks about seed cotton in greece


Evaluation of Seed Cotton
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The Mediterranean environment of Central Greece is characterized by and exposed to autumn rainfall with the rest of months being quite dry. As such, farming of cash crops such as cotton is usually greatly impeded. Particularly, the fields within Central Greece that are allocated to the production of cotton seeds usually result in low quality end products because of the exposure to the autumn rainfall. Based on the above fact, row spacing and irrigation levels were examined to identify their impacts on the quality of cotton seeds produced. Celia and Hersi varieties of cotton were planted in that regard using two row spacing measures of 93 and 75cm. On the same breadth, normal and high irrigation levels of 6160 and 3080mm ha-1 were used in the examination respectively. The quality of seeds was determined using the Vigor Test and germination. The examination revealed that there was no impact neither on the cotton variety planted nor the two row spacing’s used. 

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