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The Difference between Management and Leadership. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The task is on distinguishing management from leadership


The Differences between Leadership and Management
Leadership and management is an encompassing subject that evoked in-depth meaning in the learning process of Week 4. It is an important subject that a legion of students misunderstands and the need to elucidate on the subject can help multitudes to become great leaders and effective managers. Leadership fundamentally describes the action that a person executes of leading a pack of people towards the accomplishment of an identified goal. Leaders customarily possess attractive attributes that create the belief in people to fulfill their differentiated objectives for organizational development (Antonakis, J., Fenley, M. and Liechti, S. 2011, 375). Their main feature is charisma and vision that serve as the predominant driving forces. They also have an unwavering motivational drive that inspires their followers to execute different functions. Leaders usually possess different traits that set them apart from the main people. Self-awareness is the maiden trait that great leaders possess (Carroll, B. and Levy, L. 2008, 79). They have a broad reflective scope of situations that helps in the formulation of prudent decisions. 

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