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What is the importance of compassion in self realization? (Buddhism and Hinduism) (Research Paper Sample)


Comparative analysis of Buddhism and Hinduism


What is the Importance of Compassion in Self-Realization?
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What is the Importance of Compassion in Self-Realization? (Buddhism and Hinduism)
The question that I will be addressing in my paper will be; what is the importance of compassion in self-realization? This question will be further studied through Buddhism (mahayana) in the path to Nirvana and Hinduism through realizing atma-bodha in Hinduism. My argument will revolve around how important compassion is in both religions in the path of self-realization and how it propels individuals from the materialistic world to a state of realization and truth. I chose this question as it brings up the important theme of compassion which is outlined excessively in both religions and it opens up room for comparison between the two religions and the path to Nirvana in Buddhism and the path to atma-bodha in Hinduism and how compassion fit’s in differently in both paths of ultimate realization Compassion is evidently integral through both religions for example in Mahayana Buddhism a bodhisattva is the epitome of compassion while in Hinduism the story of lalla ded offers important lessons to the path of realization through compassion, love and mercy. Also the importance of the theme of the guru's compassion (teaching as compassion) and also the association between bhakti yoga and compassion.
“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion” (Rahula, 1974, p. 12). This quote by one of the foremost spiritual leaders, Dalai Lama, underscores the importance of compassion in human life. Compassion is generally considered as a way through which people relate to themselves and as a core pathway to achieving happiness. There are several advantages associated with practicing compassion, including improved well-being, developing better relationships, and getting relieved from illness, among others. Virtually all religions emphasize the essence of people to practice compassion in their daily lives. Buddhism and Hinduism have compassion as their fundamental belief as the path to happiness and self-realization. In both Buddhism and Hinduism, compassion is important in self-realization as it propels individuals from the basic and parochial materialistic world to a more superior state of truth and actualization.

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