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Culture and Lifestyle Challenges in Dubai Research (Research Paper Sample)


i made an interview with a egyption person living in dubai so i need an essay to talks about it and analysis it and make conculution from it and talks about egyption people challenges in dubai regarding their culture and life style


Culture and Lifestyle Challenges in Dubai
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Culture and Lifestyle Challenges in Dubai
The culture that is practiced in Dubai is based on Islamic traditions from the United Arab Emirates. As such, visitors and tourists to Dubai are expected to respect the culture and behave as per the norms. Notably, the Emiratis, a minority group, are protective and conservatives who keep a strict observation of the traditions and culture. Regarding this, an interview was carried out with an Egyptian, who lives in Dubai. The culture and lifestyle challenges that they face are presented in this report.
The city is famous for entertainment in the Middle East. It also attracts visitors and tourists from different parts of the world. Most of the visitors are individuals who are wealthy and have the capacity to spend substantial amounts of money (Pacione 2005, p. 260). However, individuals whose faith and beliefs are rooted in Islam are forbidden from indulging in any activity that is contrary to their faith. As such, such services are offered in the tourist attraction sites and not the residential areas.
One of the challenges that visitors to the city face is they are not allowed to flaunt their foreign cultures in the streets. That is because the Nationals and natives might find such habits offensive. As such, people from other backgrounds such as Egyptian find it challenging to adapt to the new cultures. However, most of the strict observers of the Islam law and practice in the city argue that the media has been overtaken by the Westerns and foreigners and that they control it.
However, the fact that the Emiratis are strict observers of the Islam law does not mean that foreigners are not allowed to visit Dubai, and neither are they neglected (Cohen, Duncan and Thulemark 2013, p. 160). On the contrary, communities such as the Emiratis are a group that offers hospitality to foreigners on condition that the foreigners respect their cultural practices.
Another cultural change that foreigners like Egyptians face in Dubai is the issue of dress. Men are supposed to dress in long, white dresses that are referred to as dishdasha or khandura. They should also cover their heads with a headdress that is white also, known as ghutra. On the other hand, women are supposed to wear a long, black cloak known as abaya (Cohen, Duncan and Thulemark 2013, p. 160). These dresses are worn over clothes that are otherwise protective. Their heads must be covered using hijabs. This mode of dressing might cause discomfort for people who are not used to it. However, it is a requirement that people who live in the area resonate with the cultural practices set by the Emiratis.
Another challenging aspect of lifestyle that Egyptians in Dubai face is on the issue of photography. Notably, it is an expected and accepted practice given that Dubai ...
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