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Water Purifier Social Sciences Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


An Innovation Report About the Water Purifier


Innovation Report About the Water Purifier
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Innovation Report About the Water Purifier
In discussing the water purifier as a frugal innovation, it is prudent to review the development of frugal technologies. Markides’ and Christensen’s work on the advent of frugal innovations is founded on disruptive business models that operate by expanding the pie. In this way, they persuade clients to continue consuming more and more, and in the process do not focus on lowering costs. Christensen posits that such a model focuses on gaining larger percentages of the market without removing incumbents and other bureaucracies. Citing internet banking as an example, the writer maintains that the model is lucrative, but exists alongside a number of precursors. Markides, on the other hand, argues that disruptive product innovations introduce a value proposition which eventually disrupts normal consumer trends and behaviors. An example here are cars and mobile phones. In general, these innovations do not ride on lowering costs but conform to the laws of supply and demand. In this push-and-pull scenario, wastefulness may result, especially in cases where purchases are not driven by needs. In the resulting fluid market, firms do not build sustainable business models, meaning more companies come and go as technology and demand changes often.

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